Free books November 25, 2019

BookRunes FREE book suggestion today,  Among the Poppies is the powerful story of courage and determination in the face of danger and critical public opinion.

Gwyn has learned, and learned to love, auto mechanics living life close to the side of her chauffeur father. She’s also learned the art of being a lady at the hands of her benefactress and father’s employer. Social norms of the day are restrictive, a woman driving and fixing automobiles was just not done. Gwyn doesn’t care about any of that. There is a desperate need for ambulance drivers with mechanics to keep them on the road. Gwyn has the skills to do both and she plans to answer the call.

What she doesn’t plan on is to attract the romantic interest of a handsome officer who can’t help but worry about her safety. He can worry but she will go where she’s ordered. Even to the front lines in the midst of battle. The wounded need her.

I think her courage is inspiring to all of us, not just to women.

Her loving officer was a good man, supporting her in the face of danger.

This book was free in the spring and the reading was memorable.

Among the Poppies

BookBub offers a FREE suggestion today too. The Healing Journey, book 12 in The Mountain Series

This Healing Journey

This historical novel is set in the pioneer days of the Canadian Rockies. A young woman sets out on a search for the son her father was forced to give up many years earlier. Her path crosses with that of a young pioneer man. An injured child has appeared on his homestead and he needs her help caring for the little girl.

I’ve not read this story but I have downloaded five other books in this series by Misty M. Beller. For sure I’ve read two of them. I’m looking forward to checking this one out after reading the first few pages.

Happy Reading

We are so excited, here in Manitoba, Canada. Our football team The Winnipeg Blue Bombers won the Canadian Football League Grey Cup last night after  a very long losing streak. It has been twenty nine years since the last Winnipeg Grey Cup win in the championship battle between the East and the West.

We were the underdog in this match with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, a team from Ontario Canada, and the media was predicting a Hamilton win. (The Bombers hadn’t won against them so far this year.)

This game was different. The Bombers were hungry for a win and, to-a-man, they were willing to do whatever it took. One of their best guys was playing injured and not about to be stopped. It worked. They won 33 to 13.

Winnipeg is a staunch, and very vocal, Bomber town. It would be an understatement to say we are over the moon with this win. Everyone is talking about it. There will be a victory parade through town tomorrow. Celebration time.



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