This and that, Part two December 05, 2021

Whew, finally finished reading the current Christmas collection. Now it’s time to decide what’s next on the list.

I’m adding new books to my library on a regular basis but usually wait awhile before downloading them. It’s distracting to see attractive possibilities close to the top of the list, especially when the current read is a little boring. I am prone to jumping ship and moving on, leaving a string of partially read books in my wake.

The dilemma tonight is choosing genre. The last few reads have been Christmas Romance collections. After that many similar books in a row I think a change is in order.

I’ll let you see the newly downloaded books so you can understand what I’m up against. Sixteen books.


Checking these out, I think maybe I’ve decided. This next one is billed as Romance but the synopsis sounds like it is more than that, at least on first look. I could be wrong in this assessment, time will tell. Anyway, a change of pace is appealing at this moment so I’ll take a chance. I can always jump ship if needed.

Always By My Side: A Christian Romance (New Hope Falls Book 9)

She’s lived her life under the cloud of her sister’s disappearance.

Josie Thompson was ten when her sister went missing and her mother’s battle with mental illness intensified. Though her family is now fractured, Josie has managed to get a degree and a job as a homecare nurse for a wealthy retired businessman. After a year working with the elderly philanthropist, her role has expanded to include caring for his home as well. It is a life that brings her peace and contentment.

After being injured in an attack on his squad while deployed, he’s come back to the one place that he’d always loved.

Kenneth Charles Hawkins III, AKA Hawk, has found himself medically discharged from the military when injuries sustained in an attack leave him unable to continue his job as a sniper with the Army. He heads to his grandfather’s home near New Hope Falls to recover.

Josie finds joy and purpose in caring for others, so she happily takes on the care of her employer’s injured grandson. As she gets to know him, a friendship is forged between them, despite the decade plus difference in their ages. She finds herself falling for him but keeps her feelings close to her heart with no intention of revealing them. Having endured repeated rejection by the one person who should have loved her, Josie trusts only in her father’s unconditional love for her.

Hawk wouldn’t have thought he’d have much in common with a woman so much younger than him, but he finds that he enjoys the time they spend together. Her calm demeanor often soothes his somewhat volatile emotions as he deals with the pain from his injuries.

As he recovers, Hawk realizes he needs to make a decision on whether he wants to return to his past or embrace his future in New Hope Falls, possibly with Josie. But even if he chooses Josie, will she choose him? Will she be willing to trust him when she’s been failed by those who should have loved her?


I see I’ve downloaded nine other books by this author and I’ve read all of them, including the one just before this one in the series. That is a good sign.

Rarely do I gauge time correctly, I’m usually convinced I can do it in half the time it actually takes to put together a post. Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s going to be lights-out time before I’m ready so I’d better move it on out of here. Now that I’ve decided on a new book.

I will be happily reading and I hope you are too.

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