This and that December 05, 2021

Am I allowed to do a this-and-that type of post two days in a row? I sure hope so because this is another I’ve-got-nothing kind of day. The usual book suggestion sites have not appeared, never mind not having interesting offerings.

Personally, I’m just as happy they didn’t as I need a reprieve from more books. I’m not reading a book a day like I had been and things are getting out of hand. I feel like I have brain fog going on too and it is not easy to settle down and spend the time it takes.

Along with that, YouTube videos call out to me every time I pass the computer, and if it’s not videos it’s games. Highly distracting and time consuming at a time I should be focusing.

As I watched this video with all the debris being carried on down the river I was thinking about the deposits left when the waters recede. Houses with all their contents and vehicles swept away, hopefully with no people in them, will have to show up somewhere when this is all over.

It’s hard to imagine raging water swallowing up people’s property. Nothing left for them to go back to. I wonder how they would be compensated for that? It’s not just damaged, it’s gone.

I’m stopping for lunch and another attempt at finishing the current book. While I’m thinking about what to say next.

Maybe there will be part two for this.

I’m planning on it.


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