Bargain books July 10, 2021 Part two

Time travel is the theme of the next attractive collection to cross my path today. I enjoy reading time travel, it has all sorts of interesting possibilities. There can be wide differences in treatments, though, and I find myself approaching new experiences with caution, not feeling confidence about liking the experience. When I like it I like it, though.

I haven’t read very far on this to check it out but what I did read has me hooked. I want to know what comes next.

I love the cover too.

Nevermind Time: A Time Travel romance set

Enjoy these sweet, clean, time travel romances where time has no hold on love.

Herbert Groat has fixed all sorts of watches, but this? A watch that doesn’t just tell time, it goes back in time. In the nick of time. Evelin Barclay is an associate at Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia. She doesn’t know she’s about to be brutally murdered. Can Herbert set aside fear and disbelief to save her? Or will it be her time to die?

When one of Clay’s irate customers runs April’s car off the road on the Fourth of July, she’s mysteriously transported back in time to 1970 and given the chance to right a past wrong. Can she thwart a dangerous plot involving Clay’s grandfather that doomed Hackle County’s future and her relationship with Clay?

A plain wooden box. A travel through time. Will Tarin choose comfort or true love? Can these two from different times find the love they’re searching for?


Was her aunt married? If so, who was that man at the cemetery? After reading the stack of love letters between Claudia and William, Kelly sees that a simple wrong assumption changed everything. If only she could go back and make things right…

When Cecilia finds a key hanging on her Christmas tree, she’s afraid someone has broken in. The truth is much more frightening. When she opens the old oak chest in the attic on New Year’s Eve 1999, she is whisked back to 1900 because of an ancient family curse.

What do you do when your world is turned upside down and everything you knew is gone including years of your life and the only realities are an apple orchard and the man who lives there?


It’s a good thing the book is only 513 pages long, with six stories they haven’t been given too much time.


I see we have one more now too. BookRunes has a FREE suggestion I’m excited about. I have read this author before but it’s been awhile. The first few pages of this new book have me intrigued.

Honey Creek Homecoming (Honey Creek Romance Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Honey Creek is the one place on earth Olivia Swanson never wants to see again. When her step-grandmother sends for her, Olivia returns with a plan. To marry the town’s wealthiest bachelor, Payton Vance. But things go quickly awry for the self-absorbed, arrogant, and angry woman.

Secrets in her past, the devotion of a woman longing to be her grandmother, a destitute family, and Rusty Baker, the guy she humiliated in high school all push Olivia into an emotional battle only a Savior could help her win.

Over a short amount of time, Olivia learns she can’t make it alone no matter how independent, ambitious, and stubborn she is. Something spiritual is at play here. Her return to Honey Creek was no random happening. God has chosen this particular time and place to give Olivia a choice. Either trust Him or lose everything.


I’m going to have to have a reading marathon this weekend, with all these new books I’m excited to get to.


This book situation is actually a very good thing right now as I wrestle with sadness. It would be nice if the people we love could live forever, or at least as long as we do, but they can’t. And they wouldn’t want to, when it comes right down to it.

I’m grateful for a basket full of enticing books, they will keep me from digging an impossible sadness pit I’d have trouble climbing out of.

While I don’t want to dig a bottomless hole, I do admit that the presence of sadness is a good thing. It means I love. And in this case deeply. I’m grateful we still have a little time, it’s not over yet.

To answer your question, it’s a beloved family member who has been in my life for decades. She holds a special place in my heart. She’s managed more than 90 years and we’ve been blessed to have her.


It’s ok to be happy and sad all at the same time.

I’m hanging on to happy to keep me afloat.

Happy Reading!

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