Bargain books July 10, 2021

I’m having fun this morning checking out the latest offering of books, hoping to find something new and interesting. I came across a collection filled completely with new-to-me authors, it appears to be well written with fresh and new story lines. I couldn’t resist.

Warfare of Love 

Amazon quote:

A delightful mix of contemporary and historical romances.

When Lydia remembers her identity and discovers the secret Drew has kept from her, she struggles to make the right choice. Can she respect and trust a man she loves who allowed her to live a lie, or must she leave him and the two children who are as dear to her as life itself?

June 1944. Despite her determination to be in Paris to welcome her father home when he escapes from a prison camp, interpreter Christine Arnette must obey when the French Resistance sends her on a secret D-Day mission to Normandy. When her cover story falls apart, the Allies start asking questions. Can she trust them with the truth?

When Lieutenant Harry Dean discovers their beautiful French interpreter lied about her reasons for coming to Carentan, it’s up to him to discover her identity. His gut tells him to trust her, but orders are orders. Is she really a spy? Will his heart allow him to stand by and watch if she’s arrested?

Fighting through two years without leave and secret feelings, Davis and Muller must go undercover as newlyweds to stop the disaster. When a shocking mix up with the chaplain makes their uncover roles a reality; Wolf and Angel must unmask a mole, stop a terrorist, protect the President-elect and untangle the events that just made them partners for life.

Can undercover love survive in the midst of trial?

As the list of suspects mounts, the intensity of the situation increases, and Blake and Kelly find themselves in a race against time. With the help of Kerrytown’s chief of police and a kid named Leon, they work to identify the perpetrator and bring him or her to justice before things get out of hand and someone doesn’t survive Christmas.


Nothing else is jumping out for me at the moment but I can always add another post later if things change.

Currently I am reading and enjoying a mystery collection (that I’ll share in a moment) but I think my next read will be today’s new collection. I’m anxious and curious to meet these new authors.

The current read is fraught with suspense, I may switch between the two collections just to survive.

Deadly Chances: Five romantic suspenses where couples outrace danger and take a chance on love 

I’m up to book three and it’s tense.

Since she’s walking on water, why is she still wearing shoes? That was her first question when the fugue cleared. But she has more pressing questions, such as —who is she, where does she live, and how did she end up on Peachtree Street on a cold November night wearing nothing but a nightgown?

With Officer Kyle Rossi’s help, Jane, as she prefers to be called, begins the journey to discover her identity. But the more she learns about the real Aubrey Sutherland, the more she realizes she can’t trust anyone, especially those closest to her.

Jane also learns that a concussion might be the best thing that ever happened to her.


OK, so I hurried through the last of book three and set up for book four

Camden Daye used to love Christmas. Six years ago, tragedy struck his family. Every year since then, he hangs on to the past and his role in the devastation that shook up the world of his loved ones. Can he be free of the self-imposed chains, or will they hold him in bondage?
Sunshine Rogers is being stalked. By whom, she has no idea and can’t understand why anyone would do it. Fear begins to take over her life as she constantly looking over her shoulder.


I’ll let you know how I feel about Warfare of Love

Happy Reading

Oops, I think I just tripped over another great collection. That means another post. Stay tuned.

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