Free and bargain books July 09, 2021

BookRunes Has a FREE suggestion for us.

How Sweet It Is: Opposites Attract Christian Romance 

Amazon quote:

Embrasser means to kiss in French. Delphine D’Arleux, traveling in Belgium for a candy-making class, doesn’t expect to have the word demonstrated to her, especially by a stranger.

Brad Larsen, an avowed chocoholic, knows he behaved badly by kissing the pretty French girl, but he can’t quite regret his actions. Can he show Delphine that a longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul? 


The title of this book reminds me of a popular TV show from the 1950s, The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason. It was pretty funny and Jackie’s face pops in everyone’s mind when they hear how sweet it is. It was on reruns for many years.

This author (Bonnie Blythe) has two bargain books for us. One of them was on my reading list in 2013, the other is new to me. Bonus.


Rock and A Hard Place: Love in Eastern Oregon (Cascade Brides Series Book 1)

Amazon quote:

The Three Sisters Mountains are part of the Cascade Mountain Range near the town of Sisters, Oregon. The peaks were named Faith, Hope, and Charity by early settlers.

In the Cascade Brides series, three estranged siblings named for the mountains, each in the far-flung reaches of the state, are drawn back to their childhood home in Sisters by men who ultimately help the siblings realize the blessings of family bonds.


Dearly Loved: Second Chance Christian Romance 

Amazon quote:

The lovesick daydreams of Meredith Ambrose’s teenage years for neighborhood heartthrob David Steller have faded into uncomfortable memories-until he lands in a hospital bed in her unit where she works as an R.N.

David came to the Northwest to look her up-he just didn’t plan on their reunion occurring with him on a gurney.

Can he prove he’s really changed after all these years? 


That’s it, so far, for today.

I’m enjoying comfortable temperatures in my house at the moment. They say the weather is about to heat back up again.

It’s funny how the weather goes from boiling to freezing (at least needing the furnace and more clothes) in just 24 hours.

I’m not complaining, the cool is a nice respite from too-hot.

It’s Friday, even better, I can sit and read to my heart’s content while sweltering this weekend.

Enjoy your books too.

Happy Reading

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