Bargain books February 06, 2021

Wanna know what I love most about reading right now?

There are many things I love but my favorite thing today? It’s impossible to read and multitask.

I think it’s possibly the only activity I enjoy where I cannot do two things at once. (although sometimes I really wish I could. Like play solitaire or something to keep my hands busy while I’m just sitting there.) (I will admit I don’t necessarily do a good job while multitasking. Most times, playing games while letting my mind wander doesn’t work out real well for me.)

The best thing about having laser focus on a story, it keeps me from digging a big hole for myself. One I would have trouble getting out of.

Although I’m working on it, I still carry remnants of old baggage around with me. Today, I’m grateful I cannot read and think of my life at the same time. This keeps me sane and smiling.


Having to read books to write this blog doubles the blessing.


Finding new-to-me authors is a bonus as well.

BookBub has a bargain suggestion today with just such an author.

The Ingenue: Political Spy Thriller (THE SPY STORIES Book 2)

Amazon quote:

America’s next endearing hero, CIA operative Alex Halee, goes off mission to infiltrate a cybercrime lab in North Korea run by the notorious Pok.

When he runs into trouble, he gets help from the most unlikely person. Bae Hwa is a thirteen-year-old North Korean girl who likes to steal backpacks. When she unknowingly gets her hands on a satchel full of nuclear codes, her entire family is in danger and she ends up in prison.

Alex is arrested and thrown in the same prison cell as Bae. It’s a race against time as he has to save them both and keep the codes out of the hands of those who want to destroy America . . .


Another bargain book appeared by the same author. These two are both spy stories, one is political and one not. The main characters are different so it’s safe to read book 2 first if you want.


Amazon quote:

Why are all the hard-core CIA operatives always men? They aren’t.

Introducing Jamie Austen a CIA operative tasked with infiltrating sex trafficking rings and rescuing girls from some of the most ruthless and violent organizations in the world. When her assignment takes her to Belarus, she uncovers a ring that tricks girls into believing they are signing up to become mail order brides to America only to find they are being sold into sex slavery in Russian and in the Middle East.

Jamie faces grave danger as she attempts to save the next busload of three hundred girls leaving in a matter of days, knowing she is the only one who can save them.


And, another bargain by this author. It looks intriguing and sounds different from the other two. My curiosity is piqued and I need to check it out.


Amazon quote:

What would happen if an astronaut from Earth, a fallen and sinful man, discovered a planet where Adam and Eve had not eaten from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Adam Lang, a self-professed atheist, travels to the ends of the universe to discover intelligent life on the only perfect planet left, Adon. There he discovered something he least expected to find . . . God.

Best-selling author, Terry Toler is a well-written, rising star in literary fiction, with his latest and greatest fantasy story, The Longest Day, the first in The Eden Stories series and the one that started the franchise. As much as it is about a strange journey across the stars, it’s also about people, and consequences, both of which are captured expertly.  The Longest Day is one man’s story of romance, loss, science, discovery, mystery, sin, and salvation.


I’m enjoying my current read and find these wonderful new books will have to wait until it’s finished. Some current reads get left behind in favor of a new face but not this time.

I’m happy about wanting to stick with it. I love it when that happens.

Expired Secrets (Last Chance County Book 2) 

In this town, Police Detective Savannah Wilcox is the one who uncovers the truth. After a grisly murder occurs, it quickly becomes clear the death is connected to an ongoing investigation. And she’s certain this killer will strike again.

Private Investigator Tate Hudson has some secrets of his own. The prime suspect in a murder just might be the one who’s going to solve the whole case—if he can control the chaos swirling around him.

The clock has expired on both of their secrets, but the truth just might set them free.


Happy Reading …

… on this cold and very crisp day in southern Manitoba.

-27c, feels like -41c with the wind chill.

The cold and bitter wind always feels like a knife cutting right through me. I’m happy to enjoy the sunshine from inside where it’s warm. With my book and a nice cup of coffee. What could be better?

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