One more. Free book. Feb 05, 2021

I missed one. Another FREE offering from author Chautona Havig. Can you believe I’ve downloaded 53 of her books since September 2012. Her Freebie Friday is solely responsible.

And that number doesn’t even include all the downloaded collections she’s been a part of. Chautona is one busy lady.

Hashtag Rogue (The Agency Files Book 5) 

Amazon quote:

Flynne Dortmann: computer specialist extraordinaire. The right arm of every agent in The Agency. And totally untrained for agent duty.

When no one takes a threat seriously, Flynne does the only thing she can think of.

With money she has no authorization to use, a gun she’s never fired in her hip pocket, and more zip-ties than any agent should be allowed to carry, Flynne takes on protective detail for an unwilling client. #HashtagRogue.

Mark Cho hasn’t had a chance to get used to being Marco Mendina—head of the Eastern US Agency. Not only that, every sign points to someone knowing he isn’t who he appears to be. His agency is in trouble.  His agents may be in danger, and with an office girl gone rogue, deciding what problem to tackle first is a problem in itself.

Not to mention, he misses his office assistant with her emoji-speak, killer tech skills, and sharp instincts.

Hashtag Rogue: Something is terribly wrong in The Agency. Again.


A Happy Weekend to you!

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