Free and bargain books February 05, 2021

BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us today. Another Lacy Williams historical novel

Her Convenient Cowboy: Wyoming Legacy (Wind River Hearts Book 10)

Amazon quote:

She’s pregnant, widowed, and snowed in… with the a quiet cowboy who never seems to give up.

Middle son Davy White planned to winter in his pa’s secluded cabin alone. Instead, he arrives in the midst of a blizzard to find the cabin occupied by a young widow. One who is expecting a baby any day.

Widowed, pregnant, and alone, Rose Evans found the cabin an isolated prison. With winter snows on the way and no animal to ride, the city girl was too frightened to leave. Now she’s trapped with a cowboy, one who threatens her self-made promise never to trust a man again.

As Davy teaches her to take care of herself and her new baby, Rose discovers the quiet cowboy is nothing like the men she’s known before. But she’s been hurt in the past…does she dare open her heart?


Browsing, a pre-order bargain showed up. We’ve seen this author once before but I’ve not read the download yet. This one is book ten in the same series so I’m going for it.

Shea: Cowboy Chance : A Christian Historical Western Romance: The Kavanagh Brothers Book 10

Amazon quote:

Shea Kavanagh is in Abilene, Kansas learning new ranching innovations. One day he walks past the hotel numerous times and he notices the same woman sitting in the lobby. He finds it rather strange and stops to talk to her.
Phoebe Kagan waits, not believing she could have been left behind. She estimates she has one more hour before she is thrown out of the hotel. A handsome stranger sits beside her and listens to her problems. He pays for the unpaid room and then he finds out she can’t walk.
Shea is stunned someone would leave a disabled person behind. He does what he can but what will happen when he must return home? Who will take care of her?
Join the Kavanagh Brothers for another romance. Shea is the youngest and he’s determined not to get married. God’s love and guidance often can be a surprised blessing.


There are more bargains in this series. Book 9 looks interesting too.

Rafferty: Cowboy Trail Boss: Christian Historical Western Romance (The Kavanagh Brothers Book 9)

Amazon quote:

It’s chaos at the Kavanagh Ranch between cattle rustlers and his brother’s wives having babies Rafferty becomes the Trail Boss. He’s taking on the Chisholm Trail from Fort Worth, Texas to Abilene, Kansas. The trail is fraught with hardship and danger.
Just when Rafferty thinks he has everything under control he finds Mae along the trail and nothing in life has prepared him for her stubborn, feistiness. There are plenty of towns along the way where she’d be better off but he’s reluctant to leave her behind.
Rafferty might have saved Mae, but she isn’t about to put up with his tyrant ways of doing things and she’s not about to allow him to leave her in a strange town


BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us, an author I’ve not read. It looks interesting and book two and three are also available FREE, I’m going for all of them. The price is right for taking chances.

Serenity Hope (He Calls Me by Name Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Serenity Hope MacAlister loves three things: God, her family, and her horses. Riding across the grassy, windswept hills of north Texas, she finds happiness and contentment. But when an old flame comes back to town, memories of heartbreak and sorrow are stirred up again.

Serenity finds herself torn between the desires of her heart, the path to her future, and the challenges that her burden her family. Can she find healing for her broken heart, the courage to hope again, and most importantly, the peace and serenity that only God can provide?


Chastity Grace (He Calls Me by Name Book 2)

Amazon quote:

Chastity Grace Adair has her summer all planned out: dominate the local barrel racing circuit to pave the way for a premium spot on the rodeo team at her chosen university in the fall.

As she practices with her beloved horse Mack the Knife in the shadows of the majestic Colorado Rocky Mountains, she has no time for distractions. But she doesn’t count on a devastating accident, family troubles, financial strain, or the handsome rodeo champ who suddenly appears in her life.

Will Chastity find the faith and courage to place her dreams, her heart, and her future in God’s hands?


Charity Joy (He Calls Me by Name Book 3)

Amazon quote:

Charity Joy Li lives a quiet life in a small lakeside town deep in the Missouri Ozarks. She knows that practicing dressage with her beloved horse Mariner should be a delight, but her heart can’t find joy. Maybe it’s because of family pressure, or jealousy, or impatience, or the rising tide of troubles that threatens to overwhelm her.

And when a handsome young man shows up at the summer camp where she works, her conflicted feelings about him don’t make things any easier…

As Charity grapples with challenges in her life and in her heart, will she be able to realize that true joy comes from only one Source?


It has been an awesome day for books. How can I not be happy.

Hopefully you are feeling happy with all this too.

It’s Friday, it’s sunny, we have books, and the weekend is coming up.

Happy Reading y’all

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