Read and Enjoyed – Middle of August edition

It’s time to share some read & enjoyed with you on this grey and stormy summer day. It feels like the only right thing to do this afternoon is curl up with a fluffy blanket and a good book. That’s my goal when this is done and posted. I have to admit it’s taking a great deal of self-discipline to stay away from my current read.

Several times I mentioned my opinion about this book, Love’s Prayer would be a thought provoking read. It was. A thoughtful treatment of suicide, depression, and addictions. Hope was the goal and it worked. It’s still FREE if you are interested.

Love’s Prayer: A Heartwarming Journey of Faith, Hope & Love (First Street Church Romances Book 1)

Love's Prayer

Ben Davis has lived in the shadow of his family’s mistakes for years. Forced to give up all his dreams, he wonders if death by his own hand might be the only way out. A desperate plea sent to the God he isn’t even sure he believes in is soon answered by a series of miracles that bring Summer and Ben crashing into each other.

Summer loves the busy life of the city, but agrees to spend the season in Sweet Grove, running her aunt’s flower shop while figuring out what to do with her life after. One thing’s for sure, she’s a terrible florist. Luckily, her latest mishap leads her to a man with pleading, soulful eyes she’s all too happy to get lost in.


This next one was also a favorite.

Cowboy Father: The Cowboys (Glory, Montana Book 5)

Cowboy father

Adele is the eldest Kinsley daughter. She’s always been the responsible one. Even when her marriage fell apart and she found out her husband was a thief. When her husband is killed in the midst of a robbery, she flees to Glory, Montana with her year old son, hoping to escape her past and her dead husband’s partner. She never expected to meet Ethan, a single father to two orphaned children.

Ethan’s boss lost a considerable amount of money in the last heist and has offered Ethan a generous reward if he recovers it. He suspects Adele and needs to get close to her to discover what she did with the money. But the closer he gets, the more he falls for the lovely widow.


Runaway Tide was not easy to put down. It was apparent something wasn’t adding up right but it was hard to say just what or why. I like that. Unpredictable.

Runaway Tide (Sea Glass Inn Book 2) 

Runaway Tide

Unflappable Meg finds herself at a crossroads when ex-flame, Jackson Riley, becomes her boss. 

Meg had made a promise to Jackson’s late father to stay working for the chain of Sea Glass inns, but how can she now?

After years away, Jackson seems to have something to prove to his family … and to Meg. But after mounting conflicts with one of Jackson’s family members bubble over, Meg must decide if her long-ago promise is worth keeping.


Others were well loved but in the interest of space we’ll keep moving along and just show you the covers.

Hoping for HawthorneRanger Protection

Runnings for Cover

Daughter of TexasWhere it all Began

Lost MemoriesBonds of a Lifetime

Small Town LoveThe Doctor's Bond

Deep FocusThe Newpointe 911 collection

Just a Little While LongerHis Baby Bond


Reading has been a lot of fun with this batch of books.

Are you having as much reading fun as I am. If you aren’t already hooked on reading I’m hoping to inspire you to discover the joy.


My current read…

The Awakening of Miss Adelaide

Happy Reading! …..

from the stormy South East corner of Manitoba Canada

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