Free book August 15, 2020

Today is a browsing day, looking for strong stories I’ve not seen before.

I found one.


I’m mostly looking for FREE this month because I blew my book budget and then some last month. And since I’ve downloaded more books than I can probably keep up with anyway … I’d better stick to free for awhile.

#Lost (#NorthStarSeries) 


Amazon quote:

The Billionaire’s daughter and the man she left with! Will he get her back?

All billionaire Cyrus Black wants is a chance to spend a month in Paris and repair the fractured relationship with his wife and daughter. But things don’t go as planned. Frantic, he realizes his daughter has left without telling anyone where she’s going. When he finds her phone dumped in a garbage can, he grows even more frantic. Though the police assume it is a kidnapping, and tell him to wait for a ransom note, he calls in associates who might help him find her.

Teenager Marcella Black is looking forward to spending time with her parents, especially her father whom she’s hardly seen since her parents separated. But when her father is late—as usual—and her mother is having a melt-down, and she can’t face the fight that’s sure to come, she turns to the only person who understands her—@JamesKind. She met him briefly in Paris last year and has since fallen in love with him. When he asks her to come meet him, she happily goes. Because he loves her, too, right?

When the expected ransom note doesn’t arrive, Cyrus fears his daughter might be #lost—maybe forever. 


I’m currently reading another strong, not-easy-to-read story. From a year ago.

A Place Called Morning

A Place Called Morning

Amazon quote:

“Another incisive look at family life and secrets.” – Library Journal.

Mae Demaray retreats from life after her young grandson dies accidentally while under her care. What was once a quiet life in an old clapboard house on a quiet Minneapolis street, rich with the hues of security and love, is now shattered. But a decades-old family secret, based on an unlikely friendship over the years, brings redemption and restoration once it is revealed.



I’ve finished the current read from yesterday. It was a good book and I would like to tell you about it but rather than tack it on the end of this post I’ll put it in a separate post to give it the attention it deserves.


The sun is shining brightly here this morning.

The lawn is happy after the abundance of stormy rain yesterday. I’m feeling energetic. Not looking for a cozy blanket, a cup of coffee and a good read, yet.

Maybe later.


Wishing you a bright sunny day.

Happy Reading

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