A little this and that December 10, 2021

Short and sweet. That’s what this is going to be. One hour until the midnight deadline.

Have you ever wondered if there are any positive values in reading romance stories? Aside from the entertainment value?

I can’t say that I’ve ever considered it but the question unexpectedly popped into my head this week. I am still surprised at the answer that slipped in along with it.

Before I let you in on the answer, it will make more sense if I remind you of my abusive history with men. Rather an understatement but we won’t go into details. Too depressing.

Often I’ve considered my situation compared to the things I’m reading. There are no men in my life, I don’t expect there ever will be. Why would I bother with romance. Truthfully, as I consider all the thought patterns I’ve had in relation to this consideration in the last while– I am over thinking, again. Quit it.

The new question, though, about value in these stories has introduced a good reason to keep reading them.

Spending time with positive role model characters has had a positive effect on my attitude toward men. The upbeat reads keep reminding me there are good men out there. They are not all selfish and abusive.

I’m realizing a regular diet of such stories has had a big part to play in keeping my heart soft and open.

It would be easy to become hard and bitter, especially if most of my time was spent living in my own negative thought patterns.

I think these books have also contributed to an upbeat and hopeful outlook.

It’s true what they say. Stories can impact and influence our lives in more ways than we can imagine.


A quick close.

This a has been a good week, reading wise. I’ve been able to stick with it and work my way through a number of collections. Several of them started out with tales I loved and could not drag myself away from.

I’ll leave you will several of them (not all collections but still, read and enjoyed).

Happy Reading

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