C-PTSD this and that November 12, 2021

The worst thing about an emotionally high day, is the low day that is sure to follow. After two in a row, it has me seriously considering sticking to emotionally mediocre days. This statement is truer than I like to admit.

Today was one of those low days and most of the day was past me before I tried to derail my negative thoughts, replacing them with healthier positive ones. The hardest thing about accomplishing this is the high level of self discipline required.

Cracking out a Christmas DVD seemed like a good distraction and it was helpful. It even gave me the push needed to prepare supper for myself.

On these down days it’s easy to neglect eating altogether. Not exacting the best way to keep my emotions on a even keel

What we eat, or don’t eat as the case may be, can have a huge impact on our emotional well being, but who feels like thinking about it some days.

Usually after a week or two or three of avoiding the grocery store I stock up on bananas and vegetables and then wonder why I feel so much better all of a sudden.

For a few days I plan to do better but after awhile I lose the will power to stop the vicious cycle.

Hope lives eternal though. I hope that one day things will change and these unhealthy days will be behind me.

I know I’m not alone in this dilemma, I’m hearing similar struggles expressed by others.

When others are having similar issues, I have to wonder what’s behind it (besides PTSD). Seasonal changes? Political struggles? (everyone seems to have them these days) Something else going on? We may never know.

This song is from the DVD I was watching earlier. It’s upbeat and cheerful, just what was needed today.


I’m gong back to my book for awhile.

My current read is from earlier today and it’s not easy to put down.

Security Detail: Faith in the Face of Crime (Secret Service Agents Book 1)

Happy Reading y’all

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