Free book May 29, 2021

BookRunes has a free suggestion for us today.

The Restoration (Sully Parkway Book 3) 

Amazon quote:

He lives by the book—or his own version of it—and makes everyone miserable in the process.
Living to dish out discipline, Assistant Principal Michael Lansdowne receives a helping himself with only hours to choose his own consequences. Will he go back to middle school and teach seventh-grade math or off to elementary school as a substitute AP?

Despite his lack of affinity with children, the choice is a no-brainer for Michael. He’s an experienced assistant principal, after all. To Baird Elementary he goes.

Determined to survive in this alien environment, he attempts to restore his reputation, hoping as little of his secret as possible will surface. He meets his match in an officious principal, an inflexible first-grade teacher, and a praying wife. Can he manage to restore his broken relationships and quiet his guilty conscience?

The Restoration, Book Three in the Sully Parkway series, is best enjoyed after reading Books One and Two of the series, The Jesus Car and The Substitute.


It says we should read books one and two first to get the most out of this one but since book three is free I’m gong to take a chance. Besides, I looked at the other books and they don’t seem to be a continued story in the sense that the main character changes with each of them. I mean it probably is a continued story in a way… but I think I’ll manage.


Currently, I’m back to reading a long book (I’m half way through- 300 more pages) that is futuristic but the power struggles of their world feel very reminiscent of today’s world. … nothing new under the sun rings very true right about now.

It doesn’t get much worse than the prospect of a three-way civil war, and in a global superpower grown arrogant and complacent in its prosperity, one influential man leads the peaceful charge against corruption and tyranny, while others plot more radical solutions.

Council Minister Merak Dorvallen’s allies are few, and now his youngest son Coren, a Lieutenant in the vaunted Irrianite military, is the target of government assassins. Desperate, Merak reaches out to Ohrim Sunvail, an old friend in exile who harbors potentially helpful secrets. Ohrim’s exceptionally competent and head-strong daughter Mei’ Shera accepts the assignment and thwarts the assassins, setting in accelerated motion events that will shape a drastically different future for Irrianon.

In the midst of the chaos, scientists in Irrianon have secretly cracked the code for interstellar space travel, which will shape a drastically different future for the entire planet of Toryl, especially when they find a sister planet of humans only a few years behind in technology. The winner of the Irrianite civil war will lay a solid first claim on the stars, unlocking a universe of possibilities for both progress and potential disaster.


In spite of a fair bit of time spent browsing and searching, one book was all I could come up with. Tomorrow.

Happy Reading y’all.

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