a book enjoyed etc.

I’ll start off with a book enjoyed. Sometimes our expectations don’t line up with reality. The result of this often is disappointment but sometimes it’s not. Not was what happened this time. It was an awesome surprise.

Basically, Dupree had a defining moment when he admitted he hated everything about his life. Suicide had a certain appeal, for an instant. In the end he walked away from that thought and then just walked away from his life.

Sometimes life’s greatest mystery is finding yourself
Adam Dupree is at a literal crossroad of life. Dupree’s life has become a living hell and it’s time to make a change. Turn right and end it. Or, turn left, break free, and see where life takes him.

That one decision sends Dupree on an epic journey of rediscovery as he attempts to understand the mystery inside himself. Moving down a literal and figurative highway, his life attains meaning by defending the weak, protecting the poor and standing up for what is right in an unjust world.

As he re-discovers the thrill of being alive, Dupree becomes a hero, victim, and healer. But above all, he becomes a man with a purpose in life.

From deep Southern California, up the Great Central Valley, through Oregon and into Washington. Along the way, Dupree meets a cross-section of America. Some good, some bad, some givers and some takers.


One aspect of this book did not sit well with me, for some reason that is not easy to define. It had to do with the way he walked away. Not that he shouldn’t have. I can totally see why he did but there was something immature and maybe a little off about the way it played out. That uncomfortable impression showed up a number of times throughout the story.

The things I liked, though, far outweighed the uncomfortable bits. In many ways he was reborn and the people he met along the way and his responses to them brought about the changes.

This time, I was probably more aware of the writing (as opposed to being lost in the story) and I consciously had an appreciation for the scenarios the author dreamed up.

It wasn’t all sweetness and light but despite that a lot of cool things happened..

I think this is a book I will not soon forget.


On the this-and-that theme.

After a very structured and productive work week, today was a bit of a shock. Productive is not a word I could use for it. Disjointed comes to mind and feels pretty honest. Oh well, I can’t expect to win every day.

At least it wasn’t a total loss. There were some fruitful conversations. I managed to get to the store for weed killer while shopping was still an option. My brother called for a catch-up chat. A good day all in all, just not what I hoped for.

I think I’m done, there will be some exterior painting done in a week or two and tomorrow we will try out the paint test patches to see if the colors work as well as we hoped. It’s 1:00 AM and my mind is mush so I’d better quit.

Maybe tomorrow we will have some books. Hopefully.

I’ll let you know.

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