Checking in

Hey everyone,

I’m just checking in. I planned on posting everyday but it’s been sporadic lately. My mind has been focusing on other areas and without good book suggestions I’ve been coming up empty on things to talk about. Today is looking like that kind of day too. I figured a little something, anything, would be a good idea just in case I don’t get back here later.

The usual emails have no suggestions that interest me so that’s a bust. I’m almost finished the read I mentioned last night and haven’t looked to see what’s next. It isn’t a very long book and another hour or so should finish it but no time, I’m headed to work.

I have a big day planned. We will see if it works out. Fingers crossed. Usually when I plan a deep dive that’s the signal for emails to go crazy. Maybe I can fly under the radar for a while. That would be nice.

Tomorrow will be busy too. A painting company is coming to power wash fences, deck, and stucco in preparation for painting once it all dries out. Even if I don’t have to be involved just having them here will be a distraction. It will be great to have everything freshened up. This is the first time I’ve had this work done on this house. It turns out I should have been painting the wood every few years. Oops.

We won’t even talk about the yard. With all the rain and periods of hot weather the plants and weeds have gone crazy. My excuse for not getting out there is all the rain we’ve had. The soil is like clay and sticks to my boots in big clumps, an impossible mess.

The grass has just taken off and it’s fun to watch the birds in the back yard hunting for bugs. It’s like they are walking through shoulder high fields. The little birds are almost lost from sight in it. The guys are coming to mow today. I wonder if the birds will be sad.

If anything interesting shows up I’ll be sure to share it later.

Just to add a little color to the day, here is my current read.

It’s near the end, she’s figured out who killer is and she’s in his clutches. Will the authorities (her friends) find her in time? Of course they will, you don’t kill off the main character. Knowing that, the suspense is still great.

Have a good day, and Happy Reading!

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