Free and bargain books May 25, 2021

Finally I have a moment, and a few things to share.

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us that is intriguing. I know I use that word a lot but in this case it is probably truer than usual. I’ve only read the first chapter and the synopsis and I want to see where this story is going.

The Morning Light: never passes us

Amazon quote:

Poetic, engaging and original, The Morning Light is a charming story of discovering the ancient and shared voice within each of us.
A violin maker’s story of music, craftsmanship and the seeking of serenity set against homelessness, twists of fate and a never ending desire to reproduce the sweet and soulful sound of a grandfather’s violin, fine-tuned to play with a resonance that connects the heart.


BookBub has a bargain suggestion for us. This is book 1 in a series. A year ago we were offered book 4 and I think if I remember right it was a good read.

A Match to Call Ours (Front Porch Promises Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

Brittany Gorman needs a job, but nanny to six-year-old twin girls isn’t exactly what she’s looking for. Their single father, Parker Watson, isn’t sure hiring Brittany is the right move, but he’s desperate for help.

Soon Brittany is charming the twins and their father as well. But Parker still clings to the bitterness of his past, a past that has made him a recluse on his isolated Montana ranch, distanced him from God, and kept him from finding love.

Can Brittany’s prayers and two little matchmakers soften Parker’s heart and help him find love with his perfect Montana match?


I’m currently reading a mystery/suspense novel. I’ve only just started and I’m anxious to get back to it.

Wow. Believe it when I say you need to hurry, these great bargains don’t last long. 4 days later and it’s lost the attractive price.

It has started off with a bang and is still a good read though.

Secrets and Suspense: A Clean Romantic Suspense (The Men of Fire Beach Book 4)

There’s trouble brewing in Fire Beach!

Cara Hunter owns the bed and breakfast in town, but before she came to Fire Beach, she was in the military. Strangely, no one seems to know exactly what she did when she was in the military, but when Bubba and Makenna find her unconscious on the floor, her past may finally get revealed.

Cole Davenport is a criminal investigator whose lead suspect is Cara Hunter, but when he meets her, he has a hard time believing she’s a killer. When he gets caught up in Cara’s past, will he be able to help her? Or will he lose his life in the process?


Actually I have two books going on right now, I needed a break.

The first book is sci-fi. It is long and has many battles with even more factions. I’m enjoying it and cheering for the good guys but need a cleansing of the palette to continue on.

No wonder it seems so long, I had forgotten it’s over 600 pages. 668 to be precise.

Patriot Star

It doesn’t get much worse than the prospect of a three-way civil war, and in a global superpower grown arrogant and complacent in its prosperity, one influential man leads the peaceful charge against corruption and tyranny, while others plot more radical solutions. Council Minister Merak Dorvallen’s allies are few, and now his youngest son Coren, a Lieutenant in the vaunted Irrianite military, is the target of government assassins. Desperate, Merak reaches out to Ohrim Sunvail, an old friend in exile who harbors potentially helpful secrets. Ohrim’s exceptionally competent and head-strong daughter Mei’ Shera accepts the assignment and thwarts the assassins, setting in accelerated motion events that will shape a drastically different future for Irrianon.

In the midst of the chaos, scientists in Irrianon have secretly cracked the code for interstellar space travel, which will shape a drastically different future for the entire planet of Toryl, especially when they find a sister planet of humans only a few years behind in technology. The winner of the Irrianite civil war will lay a solid first claim on the stars, unlocking a universe of possibilities for both progress and potential disaster.


It’s a good time to read right now at my house. The sky is a heavy gray and the wind has been ferocious off and on most of the day and night. The perfect time to curl up with a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea.

I’ve had a productive work time over the last few days and the resulting euphoria makes reading time even sweeter.


I hope you are enjoying it too.

Happy Reading!

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