Free and bargain books March 12, 2021

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us. I have not read this author but I think it will be an adventure. The other four books in this series are at bargain prices, if this book goes down well for me I plan to check out a few more of them.

Sooner Dead: Oak Valley Secrets 2

Amazon quote:

Clean suspense with a touch of romance and faith. Book 2 in the series, but it can be read on its own.

Something terrible happened 100 years ago at Stone Mansion, a dilapidated ruin that looks over the small town of Oak Valley, Oklahoma.

Acting police chief Daniel Minco is driven to learn its secret but he is blocked by oil billionaires, militant archeologists, TV evangelists, rogue OSBI agents, a new state highway, and Lianne Ortega, a young, by the rules cop from the big city.

Mystery, murder, and romance. Oak Valley has it all!


A bargain from an author I’ve been reading lately.

Fire Games: A Clean, Christian Romance Suspense and Mystery (The Men of Fire Beach Book 1)

Amazon quote:

Where do you turn when you don’t know who to trust…

Firefighter Cassidy Marcel thought appearing on a reality dating show would solve her relationship problems, but when she returns home to a stalker, she realizes her troubles are just beginning. She is used to rescuing people, but who will rescue her?

Detective Jordan Graves is racing to save missing children. He doesn’t have time to search for a stalker. That is until Cassidy’s case collides with his own, but when she goes missing, will he be able to save her before it’s too late?

Fans of Alana Terry, Margaret Daly, and Christy Barritt will love this gripping romantic suspense from USA Today best-selling author Lorana Hoopes. A story guaranteed to keep the pages turning, you won’t want to put it down until you’re finished. Includes book group discussion questions.


Another author I’ve not read although I did download one of her books in 2020. This current book looks interesting enough that I can’t just leave and pass it up.


Amazon quote:

Even if she evades The Eye, someone wants her silenced.

When a failed romance and a $500,000 prize lure Kate Carson into participating in the reality TV show, Traces, the least she expects is to pick her partner. After all, she’s the PR spokeswoman of the company that derived a thirteen-lens, rotating camera from military use and installed it atop Atlanta’s tallest skyscraper. But she never would have chosen to evade techno hunters for twenty days with “G.I. Joe.”

Stoic, ex-military Alex Mitchell is the sort of man she always vowed to avoid, while the shadows of Alex’s past cause him to spurn emotional involvement. When Kate’s insider knowledge makes her a target of someone more threatening than game show hunters, Alex offers her only hope to reveal the dark plans of proponents of The Eye.


Currently I’m between books. I think the draw of these new books may be strong enough to have some of them solidly at the top of the to-be-read pile. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Unless more books come flying down the pike to derail my plans, tomorrow will be a read-and-enjoyed sharing kind of day. They are piling up again.

Happy Reading, folks

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