Bargain books March 13, 2021

Yesterday it was free but today it’s not, which is very sad. It was a good book so I’ve decided I needed to download three more in the series while they are still at bargain prices.

There have been no other exciting suggestions today but something could show up as I download these new ones.

Sooner Red: Oak Valley Secrets 3

Amazon quote:

Clean suspense with a touch of romance and faith. Book 3 in the series, but it can be read on its own.
Napa Valley wine consultant Sandy Nelson is on a mission to prove she can take a small vineyard in rural Oklahoma from a family-run business to a profitable branch of Whitworth Brothers, the large company she works for. Perhaps then she can impress Alex Whitworth, her boss – and fiancé.

First, she must overcome her own self-doubt and the opposition of the ranch owner’s stubborn son, Eddie. Not to mention the mysterious catastrophes that plague the operation, which are escalating toward murder.
Along the way, she is helped and hindered by familiar residents of Oak Valley: Reverend Tony and Stephanie Stratton, who face a turning point in their family and career; Daniel Minco and Lianne Ortega, who are learning to work together as police officers while their romance grows; and many others.


Sooner Led: Oak Valley Secrets 4

Amazon quote:

Clean suspense with a touch of romance and faith. Book 4 in the series, but it can be read on its own.
There is a mysterious stranger in Oak Valley, Oklahoma. He comes from a secret community with powers enhanced by government testing. He is hunted by defense contractors, covert operatives, a TV news station, and Oak Valley police officers Daniel Minco and Lianne Ortega.

He has turned the lives of Tony and Stephanie Stratton upside down as they expect their first child and caused the new minister and doctor in town to collide, discovering their feelings for each other.
He’s 13 years old.
Two communities struggle to protect their ways of life, sweeping all your favorite Oak Valley residents into the struggle.


Sooner Thread: Oak Valley Secrets 5 

Amazon quote:

Clean suspense with a touch of romance and faith and can be read on its own.

The arrival of Gillian Summer’s Crafting Queen media empire will finally put the small town of Oak Valley, Oklahoma on the map. That’s a good thing, right?

For Stephanie Stratton, it means she has to give up her own dreams to help Gillian, and the town, be successful. But the Crafting Queen has a secret, and it’s getting people killed.

Before it’s over, one resident of Oak Valley will have to find reserves of faith they didn’t know they had, others will try to make their relationships work amidst the upheaval around them, and one will face the ultimate loss.
Mystery, murder, and romance: Oak Valley has it all!


This one is my read and enjoyed. It was great, difficult to put down.

Sooner Dead: Oak Valley Secrets 2 

Something terrible happened 100 years ago at Stone Mansion, a dilapidated ruin that looks over the small town of Oak Valley, Oklahoma.

Acting police chief Daniel Minco is driven to learn its secret but he is blocked by oil billionaires, militant archeologists, TV evangelists, rogue OSBI agents, a new state highway, and Lianne Ortega, a young, by the rules cop from the big city.


Nothing else exciting is showing up on the radar so we’ll call it a day.

Happy Reading all

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