Read and enjoyed – mid February 2021

My favorite read this time was a Christmas anthology. The stories were great by themselves but a discovery at the end of the second story turned it all into something more.

The author of the second story, Eleanor Bertin, mentioned her blog link along with the usual information always offered at the end. Between her blog post and her bio, when I checked it out, I learned she lives only a few hundred miles from here and belongs to a writer’s group well known to some of our local group. When I shared what I’d found, a bunch of us couldn’t help getting excited about this. How often do you happen upon a book only to find you have such a close connection with he author.

Our regular monthly Zoom call happened today and Eleanor was able to be with us as our special guest. Not only does she write a good story she does an awesome job of reading it to us. We were blessed to have her.

I’m hoping this is a first of many more such events. It was fun and encouraging, for all of us I think.

A Star Will Rise: A Mosaic Christmas Anthology II

Amazon quote:

Christmas should be a time of wonder and expectation, but what if tragedy, illness, family secrets, or betrayal strip away every belief in what the future holds? And in a good and loving God?

When circumstances beyond their control dramatically alter their lives, can broken, betrayed, and disillusioned people rediscover their faith and come to see that God’s plans are far better for them than the ones they had imagined for themselves?

Brenda S. Anderson | A Christmas Homecoming
Eleanor Bertin | Love and Unexpected Stress Responses
Sara Davison | Sixty Feet to Home
Regina Rudd Merrick | The Twelve Days of Mandy Reno
Angela D. Meyer | Returning to Christmas
Marion Ueckermann | One Christmas Wish
Candace West | A Garland of Grace


Another favorite this time, books 2 and 3 in the Last Chance County series.


Then there was a set of three. Books 1 – 3 in the He Calls Me by Name series.


and last but not least … in no particular order…


As I was clearing out the read books it was a shock to see how far behind I am. Speed reading is a skill I need to master and use if I expect to have half a chance at winning the race with the TBR pile.

Happy Reading!

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