Free and bargain books January 27, 2021

BookRunes has a FREE suggestion for us. I’ve not met this author and it will be a new experience for me. After that, browsing has revealed a nice selection of new books. A variety of romance and mystery.

Dangerous Ground 

Amazon quote:

Can the trauma of her past save someone’s future?

Sierra Jane Hart is a nature guide in Southwest Florida. When she witnesses a random murder in the woods, she flees the scene and evades the perpetrators. She tries to put the incident behind her, but within a couple of days, a man attacks her, and two young girls go missing. Is there a connection? Detective Dan Bentley seems to think so.

Dan Bentley doesn’t trust women. Not after his wife deserted him, leaving him to care for their four-year-old daughter alone. But Sierra’s sincerity and solid faith in the midst of escalating circumstances challenges him to reconsider his thoughts about God and his vow to remain a single father.

In their search to uncover the truth, Dan and Sierra are forced to deal with their pasts. When they discover the secret of Sierra’s childhood, the hunt for the elusive criminals and their captives becomes personal.


Browsing has unearthed a few nice bargains with more new-to-me authors.

Restoring Christmas: A Novella

Amazon quote:

Two broken hearts. One amazing God.

Holly Christmas left Geneseo Valley and her family’s holiday tourist attraction, The Christmas Mansion, as soon as she graduated. Now both her parents have passed, and Holly returns when her uncle needs her help running the mansion. On Holly’s first day back, a blunt middle-schooler proclaims Holly hates Christmas. His comment forces her to reconcile the past while planning for the mansion’s future.

Kevin Holt is invested in offering hope to students with challenges. His best friend’s son is in Kevin’s class, and Nathan needs guidance. Their community project placement at The Christmas Mansion is an opportunity to make a positive difference. When Nathan blurts out his thoughts to the beautiful co-owner, Kevin wonders if he has what it takes to help restore the mansion to its former glory, mentor Noah, and convince Holly Christmas she’s exactly where she needs to be.


A Star Will Rise: A Mosaic Christmas Anthology II 

Amazon quote:

Christmas should be a time of wonder and expectation, but what if tragedy, illness, family secrets, or betrayal strip away every belief in what the future holds? And in a good and loving God?

When circumstances beyond their control dramatically alter their lives, can broken, betrayed, and disillusioned people rediscover their faith and come to see that God’s plans are far better for them than the ones they had imagined for themselves?

Brenda S. Anderson | A Christmas Homecoming
Eleanor Bertin | Love and Unexpected Stress Responses
Sara Davison | Sixty Feet to Home
Regina Rudd Merrick | The Twelve Days of Mandy Reno
Angela D. Meyer | Returning to Christmas
Marion Ueckermann | One Christmas Wish
Candace West | A Garland of Grace


Amber Alert: Christian Contemporary Romance with Suspense (Dangerous Series Book 1) 

Amazon quote:

Sharee Jones is not looking to get involved with anyone, let alone the man who found her crying her eyes out over her last disastrous relationship. But she’ll need John Jergenson’s help for her Christmas program.

Although John can’t deny his attraction to Sharee, with tragedy in his own life, he’s put any relationship on hold—especially with someone so committed to God.

But then a baby is kidnapped. Sharee blames herself and begins her own investigation. When she disappears, John will do to any length to find her—even go down on his knees.

“Captivating and thought-provoking.”
“The pace is fast and descriptions short and sweet, makes a perfect suspenseful romance.”


The Glass Bottom Boat

Amazon quote:

Her worst nightmare lies in the depths below.

Surrounded by the romantic paradise of her sister’s destination wedding in Jamaica, Madison Grey realizes she must overcome her paralyzing fear of the ocean—and her broken heart—to start living again. Luke Alexander, the groom’s brother, is a missionary who has come to terms with a life of singleness—until he meets Madison.

During the wedding, their personal connection intensifies when a stalker stirs up haunting memories of her gold-digging ex-fiancé. After Madison mysteriously disappears and the newlyweds receive a ransom note, Luke dives into action to find her. Will he save Madison in time or will she be forced to suffer her worst nightmare… in the depths of a glass bottom boat?


Finding books always seems to be hit-or-miss, feast-or-famine. Today is a feast day.

Counting the seven-book collection, we have eleven new books. Awesome! This is a good day, making up for all the discouraging famine days of the week. Not that I personally need this many with my ever growing TBR pile, I just like having something to offer you, my readers, everyday.

OK, so I don’t need this many but I want this many, it’s not just for you.

Now I’m trying to decide if honesty makes me feel better.

Happy Reading y’all

Lots of mystery and intrigue this time.

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