Bargain books December 11, 2020

It occurred to me this morning that I could be leaving a wrong impression. I moan often about bad book days. This complaining could lead you to the sad conclusion there is a severe shortage of good books. It would be tragic for you to think this way. There are many, many, good books out there. An infinite plethora. And I would dearly love to download and read them all.

Sadly there are two shortages in my life, and they aren’t books. Time and money. My appetite for books is huge compared to my ability to follow through with consumption. Debtors prison would soon be waiting and they probably wouldn’t allow my beloved books inside with me.

All that to say, don’t ever let yourself think there is a shortage in awesome books.

As for me and my appetite…

If I read like a normal person, I would be scrounging for something to say every day. We can’t have that.

Believe it. There are tons of good books out there. Just not always in the Free and bargain categories, my favorites.


As for bargains today – there is a bit of a shortage (lol)

It looks like I’ve downloaded 28 books from this author and read more than half of them. (out of control appetite?)

This is Book 5 in the series we’ve been following and enjoyed lately.

Driftwood Danger (Saltwater Cowboys Book 5) 

Amazon quote:

He’s on one side of the fight to preserve Cape Corral. She’s on the other.

Abigail Ferguson wakes up in a strange place with bruises on her face and her hands bound. Someone is trying to teach her family a painful lesson and using Abigail as a pawn. When she’s able to call for help, only one person comes to mind—law enforcement officer Grant Matthews.

Grant has been crazy about Abigail since they met. But her wealthy family is a long-standing enemy of locals, and dating her would feel like a betrayal to the community he serves. However, when Abigail is abducted and needs his help, nothing will stop him from rescuing and protecting her. 

As Abigail’s captor makes it clear he has more dastardly deeds planned, Grant and Abigail work together to try to find answers. But their growing feelings—and the obstacles between them—might put Abigail in even more danger. Can the two figure out this man’s identity before it’s too late? Or will the clever madman taunting Abigail stop at nothing to achieve what he wants?


One more bargain, a pre-order. I’ve read one other book by this author.

Forgiven by the Hero: A Christian Search and Rescue Christmas Romance

Amazon quote:

They weren’t searching for love, but a snowstorm might help them find it.

Megan Warren is secretly Marcus Warner, best-selling author of adventure thrillers. Hiding away in a remote cabin near Freedom, Colorado is the perfect escape to meet the looming deadline from her publisher. Her peace and quiet keeps getting disrupted by the gruff Search and Rescue Officer using the mountain as training grounds, but she doesn’t mind the interruptions.

Derek Held trusts dogs more than people, and his life revolves around training the best Search and Rescue dogs in the country. When he meets a mysterious woman holed up on the mountain, the Christmas season in Freedom suddenly looks a lot cheerier, until her evasive answers send up red flags.

An unexpected snowstorm shuts down the mountain, Megan and Derek are stranded in her tiny cabin, with only her secrets and his suspicions to keep them company. Can he learn to trust and let her rescue his heart?


I’m currently reading the book downloaded yesterday. I was excited about it but at this point I’m having second thoughts. Mind you, I haven’t gotten very far yet. We’ll see how it goes. I love the cover.

In the path of a devastating hurricane, three very different women find themselves trapped in the elevator of a high-rise office building. All three conceal shattering secrets—unaware that their secrets center on the same man.

The betrayed wife, eager to confront her faithless husband, with rage in her heart and a gun in her pocket…

The determined mistress, finally ready to tell her lover she wants marriage and a family…

The fugitive cleaning woman, tormented by the darkest secret of all…

As the storm rages ever closer, these three must unite to fight for their lives in the greatest test of courage—and faith—any woman could ever face.

Happy Reading!

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