Free and bargain books August 03,2020

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us.

The Doctor’s Bond : Sacred Bond Series Book 4

The Doctor's Bond

Amazon quote:

This romance novel features Bad Boone McDermitt, who’s back in Pleasant Haven, Florida to help his troubled nephews … not to romance the preacher’s daughter! But the handsome doctor sees a kindred spirit in restless, talented Abby Smith, and he’s drawn to her spirituality as much as to her beauty.

The problem is, Boone doesn’t think he’s good enough for Abby, and a few small-minded church people agree. As for Abby, she must choose between a dutiful life with the clean-cut minister dear old dad’s chosen for her and the dangerous, passionate freedom Boone represents. It’ll take a lot of prayer and an assist from the Sacred Bond brothers to teach Boone and Abby that sometimes, the biggest risk is in not following your heart.


There is a 5 book collection in the same series. a bargain at $1.34

Bonds of a Lifetime: The John Moretti Stories (Sacred Bond)

Bonds of a Lifetime

Amazon quote:

John Moretti is a decorated war hero with a heart for troubled youth. He’s also handsome, protective, and charming, and he could have his pick of women… but a romantic heartbreak in his twenties left him unwilling to commit.

Follow John throughout his lifetime, in a series of inspirational romance novellas, as he falls in love again, raises a family, reconnects with a child he didn’t know he had, and finally gets his second chance at love in his golden years.

From the author:
Welcome to a very different kind of romance collection! Romance novels usually start at the beginning and end with “happily ever after.” But in real life, love doesn’t always proceed so smoothly. Whether through misunderstandings, separations, or loss, many of us end up having more than one important relationship in our lives.
That’s what happens to my favorite romance hero, John Moretti. In this collection, you’ll see John go from youthful love and mistakes, to true love, to loss, and back to love again as an older man.


LPC Books has a couple of FREE suggestions for us.

Midnight Is My Time 

Midnight is my time

Amazon quote:

Loner Andy Mayer is on the run from a past he cannot escape and headed into a future he cannot foresee. But along the way he meets Missy, a mysteriously gifted and blind woman, whose senses point him in the right direction. Andy and Missy need to get to Maine but it seems every force in the universe is against them. Navigating a post-apocalyptic landscape, the two fight their way north where they eventually come face to face with an enemy so powerful it will take their collective efforts to defeat it. And only then will they both realize the true purpose of their journey.


Hidden Danger (When Darkness Falls Book 3)

Hidden Danger

Amazon quote:

When Carley Sutherland receives a frantic call for help, she races to a desolate park to meet her best friend. On a dimly-lit park bench, Carley’s friend fumbles in her handbag for her phone. She has a picture of a couple arguing, a picture of a woman who was later found dead in a ditch. Before Carley can examine the picture her friend took of the secretive encounter, a dark SUV stops near the bench. The window rolls down. A gunshot rips the silence. Carley’s friend tumbles from the bench, dead.

No need to wait for the second shot. Carley’s on the run, now, with a target on her back.

Wounded Army vet, Blake Richards, recuperates stateside while awaiting new orders. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his recovery or risk further injury, but at the sound of gunshots, his training kicks in. Blake ducks behind a tree and drops to one knee, scanning the area around him. A shadowy figure darts down a path. A woman nervously looks back over her shoulder. Hunkered down, he waits until the last second and then grabs her by the waist. With his hand clasped over her mouth, he pulls her to safety.

Blake doesn’t need to get involved with any woman, particularly one as beautiful and intriguing as Carley Sutherland. But he may be Carley’s only hope of staying alive. And she may his only hope of finding peace and healing amidst hidden dangers.


Happy Reading…

on the warm Monday afternoon

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