Story prompt – Immortal

Sunday Scribblings  is hosted by Peckapalooza: The Confusing Middle.  This weeks prompt is


“Immortal – living forever; never dying or decaying.”

I can remember driving through the majestic Rocky Mountain Range of my home province, British Columbia, Canada, feeling it was unfair. Standing tall for hundreds, thousands, even millions of years their beauty would see many more millennia and the span of my life by comparison was a mere blip. I felt cheated, I wanted more time with the beauty of this world.

This memory was the first thing to pop into my head at the sight of this week’s prompt. Immortal

Feeling sad at all I would be missing when I had to leave. Feeling jealous of the many lifespans that would come and go after mine, a gentle voice whispered in my heart and I knew.

I would be leaving but I wouldn’t be leaving it all behind. It would be still be there when I crossed over. It would be me that was different.

As I draw ever closer to the end of my lifespan, I’m finding the curtain between this life and the next becoming thinner. I can see the shadow of things more clearly now. Things I was taught and believed have become sure in my heart and mind. It’s not over when it’s over. It’s just beginning.

The other thought that lodged in my heart as I considered the mountains. They won’t be going anywhere. They will live on.

For more decades than any of us can remember we have been expecting the end of the world, the destruction of our planet.

Things are going to change there is no doubt about that but when I see the beauty of our planet and the rest of the universe, I cannot imagine the Creator, the Artist, wanting to destroy it all and start over.

I cannot imagine any of us wanting to destroy something we put massive amounts of time and energy into only to start over. We would find ways to repair and rework our creation. If our rambunctious children damaged our creation, we would find ways to salvage it.

My heart feels sure the Creator plans to do the same. It won’t happen in our life time, probably, but it will happen when the time is right.

So, if I pass through the curtain between this world and the next and I can still enjoy the beauty of our planet?

That means we both lived on.


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