Bargain books December 22, 2019

Some Christmas-y bargain books to curl up with this afternoon.

Cozy Mysteries Collection (Heart and Holiday edition) … 6 books, 1096 pages, a lovely bargain at $0.99

Cozy Mysteries Collection

Partial Amazon quote:

Just in Time for the Holidays!

Treat yourself to the brand new “Heart & Holiday” Cozy Mystery Collection featuring 6 bestselling books from four of Hope Callaghan’s most popular mystery series. Each book has a heart/love or a holiday theme.

These books are not available in any other boxed set or collection…

I’m happy to see these stories aren’t included in any other box set. I’ve read some of her other cozy collections and was worried maybe I’d read half of this already. So glad.


Christmas Suspense book set is another collection that looks like it will be a fun read. A bargain too, $1.31, 321 pages. These stories are novellas, a little less daunting than full book length.

Christmas Suspense

Amazon quote:

In the season of Love, Peace and Joy, a chance meeting with a young woman in a supermarket sets Detective Cole Allen on an urgent quest to save the lives of three young women.
It will take the combined skill and dedication of the Twin Falls Homicide Bureau, and a helping hand from God, to locate and end the nightmare of the helpless victims.

Nothing bad can happen in a place called Christmas Tyme, Colorado. Right?
Granted, Sean McGregor is there to bodyguard a recent heiress to the Kane Industries fortune. Not to mention there have been two previous attempts on her life.
For Sean, a former Recon Marine and ex-Secret Service Agent this should be a no-brainer. Safely ensconced in a mountain chalet overlooking the picturesque town he can control the environment. Control the environment, control the mission.
But the Kane chalet is hiding dark secrets he can’t control.

Chance Crawford is back in Afghanistan.
A place he swore to never return.
No longer the team leader of a Marine Recon unit. He’s now a CIA agent, searching the mountains of the Hindu Kush for a Taliban chief who wants to defect.
While tracking his objective he encounters two children in need of a protector. And he’s the only one available.
It’s mission impossible but Chance has never run from trouble.
No matter the odds.

A Bonus Christmas Short Story

I’m not sure if I’ve read this author. I think I have but it must have been in a collection if I did. Looking forward to checking this one out anyway.


I’m currently reading, and enjoying, so far anyway. I’ve only just begun so it’s a little early to tell for sure. I still have hopes.

Resort to Love a collection still at the bargain price of $1.31

Resort to Love

I’m on book 1 Oregon Coast 

Christina Lovejoy finds herself honeymooning alone when she leaves her fiancé at the altar. Dave Lake prayed for a wife and has a bride show up at his bed and breakfast. When she agrees to stay on as his cook, will he be able to convince her not to run away from another chance at romance? (Amazon quote)

All of today’s offering are on the lighter side. Maybe that’s a good thing?

Enjoy. Happy Reading!



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