Free and bargain books December 09, 2019

BookBub has a free one for us this morning.

Remembering Christmas is FREE. I’m drawing a blank on this one, although it seems I did read it in 2012. There are other Dan Walsh books in my collection of downloads too and I’ve read most of them by the looks of it. I’ll have to pay better attention this time.

Remembering Christmas

Rick has a life that doesn’t include his parents. He’s never liked his step father and when his mother begs him to come home he reluctantly agrees. Her husband’s stroke leaves her needing help running the family bookstore, a chore Rick is not thrilled about.


As promised, here is another installment of the bargain book collections I found on Amazon yesterday.

A Date With Danger, a six book, 1406 page, Romantic/Suspense collection, a bargain at $1.32 CDN. Reading through the blurbs on Amazon, it looks as though this may be a fun read, in places. I think it may have to go the top of my TBR pile. Digging a little deeper into my reading experiences, it appears I’ve read several of these books along the way somewhere. I guess that’s not too surprising as contributors will sometimes go with manuscripts already published.

A Date With Danger

The fun one will be the last one. Delilah Morgan’s dying husband wants to protect her from future suitors lacking his approval so he arranges for the local judge to court her, when the time is right. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember to share the news of this arrangement with his wife who is, decidedly, not looking to be courted.


A Tuscan Legacy will keep us busy with nine books plus a novella. A good deal at $1.33

A Tuscan Legacy

Amazon quote:

When Isabella Rossi invites each of her adult grandchildren to her estate in the Tuscan hills for her eightieth birthday, she hopes to reunite a family fractured by distance, death, and secrets.

The birthday gift of a painting, arriving unsigned and with no sender’s details, rips open old heartbreak. One family secret has already been revealed, her youngest son Albertino’s illegitimate English daughter. Now it seems there could be yet more secrets.

Returning home, the cousins, scattered across three continents, each discover their lifetime love. When they gather again at the villa as summer ends, the remaining secrets are revealed. But can they be forgiven, or will the mistakes of the past be repeated?

Sounds interesting.

Happy Reading




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