More free and bargain books December 08, 2019

BookRunes had a FREE book suggestion for us late this morning. It’s new to me, both the book and the author. The first page catches my attention and looks like it could be a promising read.

The Renovation – Fulton Ridge Series book 3

The Renovation

He has adopted a no-dating policy after two disastrous attempts. Now, there’s a new girl in town and he’s tempted to rethink his decision.

She’s joined a volunteer renovation crew as a way of making new friends, he’s part of the crew. He seems appealing but her new best friend advises her to stay away from him. It’s not clear why she would say that.

Interest on both sides is undeniable but the gossips in town are making it difficult for them to explore a possible relationship.


There were a number of bargain Amazon suggestions when I downloaded this free book. As a result, I gathered a bundle of interesting collections that will roll out nicely over the next few days.

The first one was offered a year ago and I read and enjoyed it then. A Christmas Romance collection that fits perfectly with the season.

Betwixt Two Hearts is a six book Romance Collection with six great authors. It’s a bargain at $1.31 CDN

Betwixt two hearts

The next one – Resort to Love is a five book collection with 1075 pages. A good deal at the bargain price of $1.31 CDN. I had to search for it as Resort to Love Angela Strong to get it to come up for me. Amazon is finicky like that sometimes, especially on collections- the way they are named.

This series follows five brothers in their quest for romance.

The cover for Finding Love at the Oregon Coast looks familiar, it turns out I’ve read it (a novella) and also Finding Love In Sun Valley Idaho (book 1). I’m not recognizing the authors name even though I have encountered her before.  Reading the rest of the series will serve to refresh my memory.

Resort to Love

Lots of reading material today. I love days like this.

Happy reading.





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