A nice bunch of Free books November 20, 2019

We have a nice bunch of FREE books today from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC Books). I’m always excited when I see their email because they often have newly published book in the list. There are six books this time and all but two are new to me. This makes my Day! Hurry is a must as these are only free until November 22nd.

The Trouble in Willow Falls The Trouble in Willow Falls is book 2 in the  series about the struggles of small town life trying to re-invent itself.

God Bless the Child  God Bless the Child must be book 2 or 3 or so in the Main Street Clinic Series, unless there is another similar series and I’m mixing them up. In any event, it’s a touching story about a family therapist with a big heart for hurting and troubled children.

Mourning Dove Mourning Dove  a historical novel set in the 1970’s deep south, Memphis Tennessee. It’s the story of two siblings with a complicated life. In this case both the book and the author are new to me. An new adventure.

A Perfect Weakness  A Perfect Weakness has been on the FREE list before and I have read it. It’s about a doctor who, for guilt reasons, decided to stop practicing, and he’s arriving in a pioneer town where they are in desperate need of him. In fact they expected he would be replacing their aging doctor. They do their best to limp along without his help, until disaster strikes.  Sometimes life gives us a chance to make new decisions — if only we will.

Life in Chapel Srings  Life in Chapel Springs is book 4 in the series   The ups and downs of small town life while trying  to keep a low profile in a high profile world. It appears I’ve already downloaded books 1 and 3 in this series but I’m not sure I’ve read them. A mystery in need of solving.

Tested by Fire  Tested by Fire is book 1 in the Medic-7  Series and has been FREE before. I do remember reading this one, it was worth it, for sure.

Happy Reading!




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