Free and bargain books November 18, 2019

It’s unbelievable. November is more than half-way gone already. It makes me want to yell slow down. Too bad that wouldn’t work. It’s probably partly my own fault anyway, the way time seems to fly past so quickly. Having my nose in a book for extended periods of time, completely unaware of the world around me, means the hours have flown by since the last time I looked at a clock. It’s an illusion. Although, some do say that time is moving faster than it did a century ago. Oh well, I’m sad but that’s not stopping me from reading. It’s too much fun.

So… this mornings BookBub suggestion sent me down another rabbit hole. The Deborah Raney rabbit hole this time. She has appeared on my radar many times through the years and it’s always been good from my perspective. Today there is one FREE full length novel and four BARGAIN books in her collection of published works on Amazon.

Almost Forever is book 1 in the Hanover Falls Series. I’ve not read this  Romantic/Suspense yet but plan on it. They’ve lost their firefighter spouses in the same tragic fire. They are drawn to each other but there are secrets that could drive them apart.

Almost Forever

A January Bride is book 2 in A Year of Weddings novella collection with various authors. This is a bargain at $0.99. The other books in this collection are $0.99 too, at least the ones I noticed. The full boxed collection is available but it is $19.99. It looks like it could be better to purchase them individually.

A January Bride

The next three novellas are unrelated and are all $1.25CD, (they may be lessor amounts in USD.)

Finally Home, Special Delivery, and Circle of Blessings.

Finally Home

Special Delivery

Circle of Blessings

All of these look interesting but my book budget for November is nearly blown (more quickly than usual, I might add) so it’s too early yet to use it all up. It’s very tempting though.

No one else has come through with suggestions for today but tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. In the meantime…

Happy Reading, all.


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