Free books November 17, 2019

Author Jennifer Youngblood has a FREE book today The Hot Headed Patriot. I’ve read this one as well as some of her other books and while her style of writing is not my favorite it is still a reasonable read. It all boils down to personal preference, I think. I prefer fewer romantic moments and more story substance, personally.

Hot Headed Patriot

I stumbled across several other FREE books as I was checking out Jennifer Youngblood’s book. Two popped up,  A Path Less Travelled and Always and Forever

A Path Less Travelled

A Path Less Travelled has been mentioned before, it is book one I in A Miller Creek series. I can definitely recommend this series.

Always and Forever

I’ve not read this book, Always and Forever but have read this author before. It’s been awhile though (2012) and I don’t remember too much.

Happy Reading

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