Free books October 19, 2019

There was one FREE book this morning courtesy of BookRunes daily email. So I decided to cruise Amazon again today because it just seems wrong to quit at only one. I found three more that looked interesting. Several I’ve read before but only one of them is remembered, there will be a re-read in store for me on Texas Roads.

Timothy’s Home

Timothy's Home

I don’t recognize the author but the synopsis looks interesting for this historical novel and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

Hazardous Duty

hazardous duty

I’ve mentioned this book before but it’s free and a fun book so…. here it is again. Give it a try if you like fun mysteries.

A Hero to Keep

A Hero to Keep

This one is totally new to me, both the book and the author. It’s about family drama, someone in need of rescue, and a care-giver not used to asking for help. At least that’s what I gathered with a quick look. I plan to read it to see if I thought wrong.

Texas Roads

Texas Roads

It’s hard for me to find free books I haven’t had before. This one says 2013 for me. I’m sure I’ve read it but will read it again to be sure.

Looking forward to another interesting week-end line up of books. I hope you are too.

Happy Reading!

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