Free today Oct 3, 2019

Only one today. Pretty skinny after the last two days but, hey, we have time to read only so many, right?

Free, courtesy of BookBub’s Thursday email

Refuge at Pine Lake

“When God burns down your house, you know it’s time to move.”  What a great opening line. It had me hooked. 🙂

The characters are single, writer’s, dealing with grief, reservations at a B & B, on the beach.

It’s like walking into someone’s house saying … hey, this house is just like ________, except for ______ , and _____, and _____, …. oh, and ______ .  It’s the same –  only different.  That’s the way of this story, at first it sounds familiar  but you get into it, and then it’s not.

I’ve read the first fifty pages and I’m having trouble putting it down. Another day of good intentions down the drain.

Hope you are having a reading day as good as mine! lol

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