Free Books from LPC books Oct 02, 2019

I’ve been anxiously checking and re-checking email all day and it’s finally here. The free books email from LPC (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) arrived this afternoon. I would be sad with only two new ones out of eight but with the massive free download yesterday… I’m good with it. The other six have been recently purchased, read, and mentioned. It’s nice to see them again, though, as they were no longer free for you at the time of my earlier mentions.


Angel Beneath My WheelsDevil in the Dust

Angel Beneath My Wheels has a racing car as part of the story. A Romance

Devil in The Dust is mentioned in the Amazon synopsis as a story of hope. Historical Fiction


chasing the ButterflyThe End of Calico Jack

The End of Calico Jack is YA Fiction

CassiaPcture Perfect

The covers say it all.

Lightning on a Quiet NightMurder Mezzo Forte

Both of these are Mystery.  I am a Donn Taylor fan and gladly recommend his books.

Checking through my downloads, it turns out I haven’t read Chasing the Butterfly yet so that means I have three unread books out of this email. I need a thumbs up emoji right about here.

I spent my reading time today with one of yesterday’s free books. A Bridge Unbroken Cathy Bryant. It was so good. If you missed it yesterday it is still free today, grab a copy.

A Bridge Unbroken

Happy Reading!

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