Free books Oct 01, 2019

Well, this morning’s daily emails from BookBub and BookRunes did not have anything   exciting to offer so I decided to do something I haven’t done in a while.  I went trolling  on Amazon looking to see what they have for free books. With better than expected  results, too. Fishing was so good I wanted to keep going until the good picks were exhausted. Rational thinking won out and I quit at eleven books. I will be back though… hopefully soon.

So, I’m happy to have something to share with you. A few of these authors I’ve not read  so I can’t vouch for them. Sometimes, at first glance things look good but then turn out to be something I don’t like. You know how that goes I’m sure. With this many choices I think we can still be happy, even with a few disappointments. On the other hand they could all turn out to be good. I like to take a chance and look on the bright side, most times it pays off.

The most represented genres in this list are Historical and Mystery Thriller. I seem to gravitate to selections on the darker side but end up reading on the lighter side. Funny how that goes. There is a little of both here so I’m excited to get started.




A Bridge Unbroken


Do any of these appeal to you?



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