Lost in Hardyland

Lost in Hardyland is a cool book with an irreverent approach to family life.

Lost in Hardyland  Lost in Hardyland – Shannon Heuston

Brad Hardy, manager at Walmart, has commitment issues. With good looks and a magnetic personality women love, he has no shortage of willing partners. He is upfront about his casual intentions but they are all convinced they will be the one able to change his mind. Needless to say, he leaves a long string of broken hearts in his wake.

One did trick him into a wedding early on and soon left him a single father of two. He loves his kids but won’t be settling down again anytime soon.

He’s pretty sure there are no other offspring out there belonging to him, well, except for a daughter. One of his brief encounters resulted in an unintended pregnancy. She sidestepped the abortion he demanded and was willing to pay for. His life was crazy at that point and he was convinced he couldn’t take on the responsibility of another child. It turned out he was glad she refused. The minute he caught a glimpse of Zoey he was in love.

Zoey’s life has been turned upside down. Her mother died after a too brief bout with  cancer. Now she’s been sent to live with the father she barely knows. No one in her life has ever had anything good to say about him. On top of that, he’s cancelled her private tutor and mentor, the one bright spot in her life. Zoey is not your average teenager. She’s brilliant and her IQ adds an interesting dimension, and challenge, to family life.

It appears her dad is brighter than he wants anyone to believe. It seems he is trying to fly under the radar with his casual, not-that-bright persona, but she is not fooled. In fact she’s glad to have noticed… life is looking up.

I loved this book. Nothing is as it at first seems. This happens in real life more often than we realize, I think. On the surface the family lives a loose and carefree lifestyle with little ambition and few goals. Beneath the surface lives intent, commitment to family, and deliberate self control in areas that matter. There is also awareness and thoughtful consideration.

Sometimes an irreverent look at life is a good thing. It can help us identify what is really important after all.


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I hope you will join me in some Happy Reading!!


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