Boy in the Darkness

Historical fiction is fascinating,  giving us a peak into life from another era. Usually it’s a picture of life beyond our imagining, especially for those of us born in the last few decades.

There are a multitude of settler stories describing life on the wagon trail, before trains and roads. Stories showing the hardships of life from the perspective of many different nationalities. Boy in the Darkness is one of them. It takes a look at life on the trail from a new perspective. It is a heartbreaking tale I could see happening in real life.

Struggling artists have been discovered many years after they lived, achieving fame and recognition many centuries later. The same holds true for brave souls. Unnoticed acts of courage, hidden away for decades, maybe even centuries, somehow  uncovered and finally honored. The lives of those discovering these stories can’t help but be changed by the experience.

Boy in the Darkness  Boy in the Darkness – Anne Schroeder … A young indentured Chinese boy was injured and left behind by his wagon train. He failed to show up when it was time to move on and was considered expendable.

Running to find shelter from his abuser, he’d fallen into a deep hole with no way of getting out. His cries were eventually heard but… he had the eerie sound of a wounded  animal and his language was unknown to them. Viewed with superstition he was  believed to be an evil spirit, someone to be honored and feared but not rescued. Not everyone was afraid it seemed.  Food and water were thrown down to him occasionally, keeping his hope alive.

It took one hundred and fifty years for someone to discover and preserve the truth of his courage.

It’s difficult to read a story like this and walk away unaffected. It left an impact on my life., that’s for sure.

Cape Ann  Cape Ann – John Theo Jr. … Danger lurks above and below the water.

Return to Walhalla  Return to Walhalla – Laura Hodges Poole …

Down to Earth  Down to Earth – Patricia PacJac Carroll … A sweet feel good romance

What Happened to Lori Genesis – What Happened to Lori book 1 – JA Konrath … a thriller.  Is she dead? Or is it much worse? (Mind-Blowing Twist Thriller Duology)

Fields of the Fatherless  Fields of the Fatherless – Elaine Marie Cooper … a historical novel based on a true story

Happy summer reading!


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