It is finished May 05, 2023

I loved every moment of it. Well, maybe not every moment, there were 10 books after all and I did love some more than others. In fairness though, the well loved far outnumbered the rest. This is a collection that I am thrilled to recommend, it was a great experience and I’ve added more than a few new names to my favorite authors list. I may even read this collection again sometime.

What did I love the most? A few things. The biggest one was the quality of the writing and editing. No matter how engaging, exciting, and fresh the story line, it takes top notch writing to make it unforgettable. It happened often for me in this collection.

Having said all that, I need to offer encouragement. No one achieves awesome without practice so while I love awesome, I’m still happy to read best efforts no matter what stage someone is at in their writing career. I can appreciate what it takes to produce these stories, and I know I couldn’t do it. So, I applaud you for your efforts.

The rest of my appreciation goes to the fresh story ideas. It takes work to come up with something new and I appreciate the efforts the authors put into this collection.


I’m trying to decide what comes next. With so many new downloads this week there are too many good choices. At the moment I’m looking at the two most recent ones. I’ve read the first chapter of Tru so maybe I’ll start there.

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