Free book May 04, 2023

This is an awesome day. I’m between books and BookRunes has a Free suggestion I can hardly wait to read. I love a good story with a feisty woman willing to stand up to any man. It’s even more fun when he pours on the charm and keeps trying anyway. Lots of smiles and bouts of laughter.

Thimbles and Thistles: Sweet Historical Western Romance (Baker City Brides Book 2)

Stubborn, mule-headed, independent woman!

She’d take that as a compliment…

Maggie Dalton has no need for a man in her life. Widowed more than ten years, she’s built a successful business and managed quite well on her own in the bustling town of Baker City, Oregon. Aggravated by her inability to block thoughts of the handsome lumber mill owner from her mind, she renews her determination to resist his attempts at friendship.

Full of Scottish charm and mischief, Ian MacGregor could claim any available woman in Baker City as his own, except the enchanting dress shop owner who continues to ignore him. Not one to give up on what he wants, Ian vows to win Maggie’s heart or leave the town he’s come to love.


So, technically, I’m not between books. Last night (or more precisely, early this morning) I finished book 8 in the ten book collection I’m reading. I loved it so much I wanted to hold my place in the book so I could find the author’s name again in the morning. I wanted to add it to my preferred authors list.

While I was waiting to think about sleep I decided to start one of the many recent downloads, you know, just check it out a little.

It looked like a good choice at the time but now that I’ve seen today’s book… I’m ditching both the partially read collection and last night’s new pick in favor of today’s awesome download.

I’m not even going to spend time browsing today. The minute the download is complete, I’m out of here.

It’s done! See ya later.

Check it out if you could use a good laugh too.

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