Read and enjoyed April 26, 2023

It’s clear-out time once again. I’m looking at the titles trying to remember enough to offer an opinion and it’s not working for me. I do know that I didn’t keep anything not enjoyed. There were three or four that were barely finished and instantly removed from my device. Hopefully for the rest of them things will be a little clearer as we work our way through them.

Collections were prolific for some reason this season and I was happy about it. The first three containing 9 books each were well worth the read in my estimation. Probably even #1 on my favorites list this time.

Next up, three Romantic Suspense novels enjoyed.

A mixture to finish off. 10 more books

My current read has been passed over, and over, and over, in my search for a new read. Probably the title/cover/genre didn’t inspire me in the moment. It may turn out to be a surprise, an overlooked treasure. Hopefully. Haven’t read enough to give me any clues about that yet.

Plans overheard, a bargain to devise…but is it playing with fire?

In 1849 Mercer County, Kentucky, beautiful Clara Stanton loses her sight, freedom, and fiance after a horse-riding accident. In the throes of her desperation, her family leaves her to recover in the capable hands of an elderly widow while they travel to England without her.

New minister, Daniel Merrick, weary from scandal, is unwittingly led by blind Clara into the most important mission of his life. But will she dare to soar beyond the limits those around her deem safe?


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