Free book April 27, 2023

Browsing paid off with a FREE book from an newly acquired friend. This will be the third book we’ve read from this author.

Lakehouse Promises (Laurel Cove Series Book 1)

Carolina Johnson had the life everyone wanted. A solid marriage of twenty years. A gorgeous house in the most desirable neighborhood. Friends at the country club. Yet, somehow, she always felt the other shoe would drop.

And drop it did! When she discovered her husband’s affair with a girl half his age. Even more devastating, she’s pregnant.

Now divorced, she has to start over in a lake house with too many issues to list, a neighbor who doesn’t like her and zero friends. To make matters worse, her outrageously rude former mother-in-law shows up and expects to spend a few days.

At forty years of age, Carolina has to start her life over from scratch and draw on the last vestiges of strength she has to make a life for herself.

A new life, new problems, and new relationships…can Carolina find out what matters the most in life and discover what true love really looks like? Or will she refuse to let go of the past and the bitterness that threatens to steal her happiness?

This women’s divorce fiction book will have you rooting for the heroine and everything she has to overcome.


I think I might toss aside my current new read in favor of this one. Afterall, there’s no law saying I can’t do it. I will promise to finish the abandoned book next. Unless something else catches my attention. Hmmm. Maybe I will promise to finish the rejected book soon, that should be doable.

Nothing else catching my interest at the moment.

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