Bargain books today April 12, 2023

It has been awhile, or at least it seems like it, since we’ve had any new books to download.

BookBub brought this one to us this morning. I’m late noticing it’s a Christmas novel. I don’t think it matters much though, it’s probably not a strong element of the story. Melanie Snitker is on my list of appreciated authors, a definite plus.

Finding Grace: A Single Dad Christmas Romance (Love’s Compass Book 6)

Beth was determined to remain single…until Tyler and his daughter remind her of the family she used to dream of.

Single dad Tyler Martin can’t be more grateful to the woman who finds his missing daughter. Even though he feels a spark between them, falling in love is a risk he shouldn’t take. Too bad chance encounters and his stubborn heart keep trying to convince him otherwise.

After escaping a nightmarish relationship, Beth Davenport is content with her safe and blessedly normal life. Yet something about Tyler and his adorable daughter makes her wish for more. With the walls around her heart finally starting to crumble, she’s afraid of a future she can’t predict.

Can they let go of their fear and trust God to lead them to the love they desperately need?


Browsing, yielded another interesting find. I’ve read and enjoyed this author once before.

Finding Love in a Stagecoach: An Inspirational Romance Novel 

Sarah Nesmith is the nineteen-year-old daughter of a well-to-do family, beautiful and outspoken, nonetheless respectful of her parents’ wishes. Ever the dutiful daughter, when her father expresses his intentions to marry her into an advantageous marriage, she reluctantly agrees. During her trip to meet her betrothed, she unexpectedly finds herself growing fond of her chivalrous driver, wondering if her fiancé in Texas is anything like him.

Will she let her overflowing emotions shape her destiny?

Tyler Hatfield has given up on marriage, persuaded that no woman is capable of loving him for who he is, but rather for the glowing gold in his pocket. When his father agrees to an arranged marriage, Tyler comes up with a plan to see for himself what kind of woman his wife-to-be really is. He pretends to be nothing more than her stagecoach driver, escorting her to her destination and thus getting to know her true colors. What he discovers turns his world upside down…

Can she be the exception to his rule that will give new life to his withered heart?

Their otherwise uneventful journey is derailed by an attack by outlaws and a kidnapping that threatens Sarah’s safety and Tyler’s only chance to love. In this complicated situation, the two of them must find a way to unfold their hidden feelings and save both their lives and their hearts. Will they survive the dangers and get their happy ending or will they be doomed to a bitter one?


Another interesting collection showed up for me. All different authors and it’s FREE. 1173 pages, can’t beat that.

Small Town Love Story: 9 Small Town Stories by USA Today Bestselling Authors

Get books in nine different series, from nine amazing, USA Today bestselling authors! In this bundle, you’ll (of course) get small towns and fun side characters, but also diverse, younger, older, military, and SWOON-WORTHY heroes!

Do you love that small-town feel where you know everyone, and everyone knows you? Fit right in with this escape away from city life, where heroes better have manners, the town busybody knows all your business, and every guy has known every girl his whole life. Grab this boxed set and don’t miss SMALL TOWN LOVE STORY!

Whole Latte Love by USA Today Bestselling Author Kari Trumbo:

The Marine’s Marriage by USA Today Bestselling Author Liz Isaacson: 

Not Until Christmas by USA Today Bestselling Author Valerie M. Bodden:

One Thursday Morning by USA Today Bestselling Author T.K. Chapin: 

Her Best Friend by USA Today Bestselling Author Hannah Jo Abbott:

A Thousand Words by USA Today Bestselling Author Mandi Blake:

Rescued By Love by USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts: 

Second Chance Sweethearts by USA Today Bestselling Author Liwen Y. Ho:

Ask You Later by USA Today Bestselling Author Jan Thompson:


It has turned out to be a good day for new books.

Collections have been a good thing for me lately too. I’ve read and enjoyed most of the first three of four recent downloads and I’m still loving them. I’m a quarter of the way through the third 9 book collection. They are still bargain priced if you are interested.

The current book is called Stolen Secrets: Legacy of Lies.

Fat Tuesday 1972, a floater surfaces in Sheriff Colin McDonald’s parish, south of New Orleans. The body–a Russian diplomat throws local and Federal law enforcement into chaos. Sheriff McDonald isn’t excited to have the FBI stepping into his investigation, but knows his parish doesn’t have the funds to sort out this mess and deal with all the prickly silliness of international negotiations. Jessica Franklin, one of the first female FBI agents, heads the task force looking into the Russian’s death. Jessica is a talented, no nonsense woman, who isn’t sure about this laid-back Cajun sheriff, who calls her Chere, but the man knows his parish and gives her views a fair hearing. Lt. Gabriel Fontenot of the Louisiana State police is also assigned to the task force and runs into an old girlfriend, Amy Prejean, who is working with the Russian Mission on grain shipments. As Gabe, Jessica, and Colin work the case, odd and seemingly unrelated things surface which pull local residents into the tangled web the KGB has created in the Big Easy. With time winding down, the tangled threads of the truth lead to the Prejean warehouse where old sins are revealed… Who will survive the confrontation? And what will the fallout be?


Happy Reading!

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