Another multi book collection April 06, 2023

I think I’m hooked on large collections with full length books. Mysteries. This one today will make four recent downloads. The nice thing about them is lower stress levels, not having to search diligently looking for reading material. Certainly can’t complain about the price. $1 for 10 books is a great deal. If all 9 or 10 books were written by the same author it wouldn’t sound very fair to the author but with the same number of authors as there are books, it sounds like an easy way to get yourself out there and noticed. Well worth it.

So far I’ve been exposed to a number of authors I’ve not read before and it’s been a worthwhile experience for me.

I know for sure collections will only be a fleeting phase in my reading life. It won’t be long before I’ve had enough for awhile and will move on. For now, though, it’s a good respite from the fruitless searches I’ve been seeing lately.

The most recent collections were volumes 1, 2, and 3, basically 3 book series within the collections. This one today moves away from that plan, at least I think it does. I think by the time I get to it I will be ready for a few stand alone stories that are not part of a series. Series are great but reading them close together some times emphasizes the sameness that can happen. Oh well, there is no law that says I must read them one after the other.

Small Town Danger: 10 Full-Length Romantic Suspense & Mystery Novels

More than lives are in danger when small town tranquility meets heart pounding suspense in this collection of ten brand-new novels from some of the genre’s most explosive romantic suspense authors!

Join Mary Alford, Liz Bradford, June Foster, Therese Heckenkamp, Cynthia Hickey, Gina Holder, Edie James, Ann Malley, Carol Nemeth and Colleen Snyder as mystery, suspense, and faith combine to keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Sins of the Past – A Hope Island Securities Book by Mary Alford
Ten years earlier, Janine put him away for murder. Now Bennett’s back in her life with a challenge—help me find the real killer.

Swept Away – Tracking Danger Book Two – A Search and Rescue Novel by Liz Bradford
When a SAR mission ends with a murder, Josh and Chloe must fight rising tensions before they get swept away.

Danger in Cranberry Cove by June Foster
When Julie Wilder joins local lawyer Lucas Ethridge in uncovering clues of who murdered their high school friend on the beach fifteen years before, phone calls from their deceased classmate are unnerving. After incriminating evidence turns up, can Lucas and Julie discover the killer’s identity or will they suffer the same fate as their friend?

Escaping Illusions – A Frozen Footprints Book by Therese Heckenkamp
All she wants is a new beginning, but a man famous for deception is the last person she should trust.

A Place to Hide by Cynthia Hickey
Is there nowhere to hide? Will Marley and Dirk escape a fan who always seems to be one step ahead of them?

Handmade Mayhem – Addie Masters Mysteries Book 1 by Gina Holder
“Who Knew DIY Could Be So Deadly.”

Hidden Sins – A Redemption Creek Romantic Suspense by Edie James
Redemption Creek, where sometimes justice needs a helping hand.

Debt of Honor by Ann Malley
Where’s the honor in loving your best friend’s wife? Or keeping the secrets that may get her and her baby killed?

Death Goes to School by J. Carol Nemeth
The rewarding profession of teaching: it could get you killed.

Twisted by Colleen Snyder
She’s eighteen. A visitor to a tornado-stricken town in need of help. Half of the residents think she’s a saint. While the other wants her dead.


The descriptions are sounding fresh and new so I’m excited to try this out too.

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