Intriguing and refreshing April 03, 2023

Nine full length books in a 2124 page collection is a daunting task. Just the thought of it is probably the reason why it took almost three years for me to find the courage to tackle it. The memory of a few disappointing collections didn’t help much either. It’s not easy to figure these things out going in.

The only reason I took the plunge this time around was a belated New Years resolution to clear out a good chunk of the growing list of unfinished reads. I’m happy for the choice I made because this collection has been a pleasant surprise.

I think the one thing I could name as the biggest surprise is hard for me to put into words. Have you ever driven into a town where you feel like you’ve entered a different world. I took a road trip once in the US, travelling south in the eastern states. It felt like a different world. Building materials and architecture, so very different, and not just from what I was used but even different from only a few states further north. That was one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

Reading these books, it has been like that. It’s refreshing. The difference shows up for me in the way the characters do life, the choices they make. Even the way the authors build their stories. Maybe the flavor is different because most of them are new to me and as a collaborative group they’ve chosen a path for the collection that is unique to their group. Whatever it is I’m loving the experience. So much so that I’m going to order the next two in the series.

They are all still at bargain prices if you are interested. They aren’t quite as long. Only 1860 and 1951

I’m hoping that the series for each of the nine will be continued in the new collections. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Here they are.

The blurbs are short so why not include them too.

Run: (tales of suspense Book 1)

From corporate America to overseas intrigue, from small towns to Urban sprawl, from farms to raging rivers these romantic suspenses will keep you on the edge of your seat, breathless, far into the night.

Nine gripping stories full of faith, danger, and a dash of romance.


Run Again: (tales of suspense Book 2)

Nine gripping stories full of faith, danger, and a dash of romance.

With the success of volume one, RUN, the authors banded together for a volume two. Get yours while you can!


Run Faster: (tales of suspense Book 3)

Nine gripping stories full of faith, danger, and a dash of romance.

With the success of volume one and volume two, RUN and RUN AGAIN, the authors banded together for a volume three. Get yours while you can!


In a way it’s disappointing that so little has been said about each story. On the other hand, there are nine of them, what can be said about that many in a reasonable length of time.

I can tell you a little about the most recent read.

Megan is a successful New York reporter specializing in telling the stories of hardship in war torn countries. The last assignment was the worst yet and she doesn’t feel like she will survive another one like it. Walking away sounds good to her.

She does walk away, or at least tries, for a few weeks. The trouble is, trouble keeps finding her.


One nice thing about these collections … with this many new books I don’t really need any others for a while. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep looking though.

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