Free book December 07, 2022

It has been a slow few days, book-wise, but we have a suggestion today that looks like it could be interesting. We don’t see stories with this angle very often.

Postmark From the Past 

In November 1989, Emily Patterson receives a red envelope in her mailbox. It’s a letter from Mark who declares his love for her and says he’s coming for her if he makes it home alive. But who is Mark?

There is no return address and the postmark is 1968. The letters continue to turn up in her mailbox and she wonders if someone is playing a cruel joke. It’s Christmas time and her friends say it is the season for miracles. Can she risk her heart to find a miracle in the Postmark from the Past?


Nothing else is showing up for us tonight so I will share my last awesome read and my new current read.

This was a keep-me-up-all-night book. It was well written and original, short on guns and killing but long on mystery. The characters were well developed and some were less like-able than others, which is always a good thing. Did I mention this was a keep me up late book? I’m feeling it today, that’s for sure.

Trial and Error

A small-town lawyer has been searching for his daughter for eighteen years. Now a local girl has gone missing, and he’s determined to find them both—no matter the cost.

Buddy Smith built his law practice around tracking down missing children. After all, he knows the agony of being separated from a child. Not long after his daughter’s birth, her mother took her and ran away. Buddy hasn’t seen either since.

Gracie Blaylock has known Buddy her entire life, and now that she is clerk of court for the county, their paths cross frequently. When Gracie hears that a teenager is missing, she knows Buddy is the one for the case.

The missing girl’s parents are desperate for answers. Together with Gracie and Mayleah—the new detective in town—Buddy chases every lead, hoping to reach the missing teen before it’s too late. While he pursues one girl, he uncovers clues that could bring him closer to the daughter he thought he’d lost forever.

Master storyteller Robert Whitlow will keep you guessing in this gripping legal drama while also reminding you of the power of God’s restoration.


I’ve just started this new book, barely started, but it’s caught my attention. For the moment anyway, and hopefully for much longer. To the end would be good

. On Sugar Hill (The Georgia Magnolias Book 2)

To make ends meet, the Fitzgerald women must open their home as a boardinghouse, but will the secrets they uncover prove their undoing?

The day Cora Fitzgerald turned sixteen, she fled Sugar Hill for the bright lights of New York City, leaving behind her senator father’s abuse. But just as her career takes off, she’s summoned home.

The stock market has crashed. The senator is dead. Her mother is delusional, and her mute Aunt Clara pens novels that expose the town’s secrets. Then there’s Boone Robertson, who never knew she was alive back in high school but now manages to be around whenever she needs help.

And the Fitzgerald women need a lot of help, indeed. They are forced to find a way to make ends meet, whether it’s mining for gold or doing what Southern women have done for generations in times of need—turning their home into a boardinghouse.

But will the people of Cora’s past keep her from returning to a brilliant future?


Have a good night, or day depending on where you are in the world.

Happy Reading too.

I really hope I am helping to push you toward a love of reading. Find a book like the one that kept me up all night and you can’t help but fall in love with the experience.

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