Bargain Books December 08, 2022

We have a new book.

1531 Entertainment has today’s suggestion for us. I’ve read and enjoyed a few stories from this author, usually in a collection, and based on that experience I’m looking forward to this new one.

Where Joy Starts

Eleanor and Albert, the youngest Hannigan siblings, together endured the cold indifference and frequent anger of their father.

Growing up, Elinor longed for a relationship that would make everything all right. Now married, her life appears to be heading in the direction she had always hoped.

Until her past collides with her present, threatening to destroy it all.

Albert always chose to do the right thing. He protected Eleanor as best he could and steadfastly believed that their father would change one day. Albert was the first of the siblings to extend forgiveness.

Now a pastor, Albert is weary of the load he has chosen to carry. The effects of those choices are threatening to tear apart his own family.

Will the Hannigan family finally be able to heal and walk together in joy?


Christy Barritt’s newest book is out. Awesome.

Fatal Vendetta (Vanishing Ranch Book 7)

Trapped in a deadly game, Addison Barlow has no choice but to play by her tormentor’s rules.

Following a terrifying home invasion, Addison’s life is controlled by fear. As the threats rise, she flees to a friend’s secluded cabin by Lake Tahoe. But when the woman next door disappears, Addie worries she just escaped one bad situation for another.

Vanishing Ranch operative and former Homeland Security agent Hayes Barlow hasn’t given up hope that he and his estranged wife will reconcile. When he receives a frantic phone call from her, he jumps at the opportunity to help. He prays he can not only keep her safe but also win her back.

Addie and Hayes quickly realize that something sinister is lurking beneath the surface of the idyllic setting surrounding the cabin. Disturbing text messages, vandalism, and haunting secrets keep them on edge.

Hayes must not only discover the truth about what’s going on with Addie but also about the deadly incidents happening around them. If he doesn’t . . . he could risk losing Addie forever.


That’s it for today. Not bad considering. I’ve been waiting patiently for the release of the second book so now it’s an even better day.

Happy Reading y’all.

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