Bargain books October 31, 2022

Today may be a good book day. Lots of suggestion emails this morning. We will see if it works out or not. Maybe, hopefully.

This book wasn’t in one of the emails, instead it showed up in Amazon suggestion strips as I checked out email suggestions.

This is the next book in a series we’ve been following and I’m excited to see it.

Lethal Betrayal (Vanishing Ranch Book 5)

Emily Holcomb never thought working for a nonprofit would endanger her life. But when she’s abducted by ruthless men, it’s clear someone has an agenda they don’t want exposed. She manages to escape, only to find herself at the mercy of another man. But is he her oasis or a deadly mirage?

Former Mexican federal police commander Mateo Garcia wants to leave his painful past behind. Vanishing Ranch offers him a fresh start. When he stumbles upon a mysterious woman in dire need of help, he realizes something about the woman seems familiar. He’s certain of one thing—Emily didn’t end up at Vanishing Ranch by chance.

Even though Emily and Mateo don’t trust each other, they’re forced to work together. With danger closing in, the answers they need are buried deeper than the desert sand and clothed in betrayal. Can they discover the truth before their search becomes lethal?


I decided to take the time to check out more of Christy’s books since the other suggestions were not working out well for me. I’m sure they would be worth while to someone maybe, but not to me. And since I get to decide what to pick, since it’s my blog, well. . . you get the idea.

I did find more bargains on her site, books that I don’t already own, and I own quite a few. Let’s see, it looks like I’m up to 67 including today’s purchase. Christy is a writing machine. There are others that I don’t own, not yet anyway.

The next bargain I found is also next in another series I’ve recently started following. I’m up to book two and enjoying it. I’m not a big fan of cutesy, the thing the little dog on this cover would suggest. In this case the cover is very cute but the story is not, the lapdog plays a minor role.

Book four is next up for purchase.

This is a continued story so it is good to read them in order but not really necessary. Each book follows a different crime, their relationship status is the continuing story.

Bound by Trouble (Beach Bound Books and Beans Mysteries Book 4) 

With the grand opening of Beach Bound Books and Beans, Tali Robinson’s dreams are finally coming true. She hopes to now put the past behind her and start a new chapter. When a suspicious stranger mysteriously shows up at her celebration, her hopes disappear faster than a bestseller at a book signing.

Mac MacArthur is ready to solidify his relationship with Tali. But mending their differences is easier said than done. Then someone sets their sights on Tali—and wants to put her out of print . . . permanently.

With trouble brewing, Tali and Mac have no choice but to dive into the chaos of the past. However, as more answers are revealed, the danger increases. The truth will come at a great cost . . . one that will bind them together or drive them apart.


The first three.

There are several more bargains from other series but they will keep until the next post.

Happy Reading y’all.

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