Nostalgia October 29, 2022

I miss the mountains. I lived my whole life in British Columbia Canada up until 2012 when I moved to Manitoba Canada. Where the land is flat. Not perfectly flat but much flatter than I was used to. I miss them everyday.

That’s why I like to follow a YouTube channel I discovered close to 2 years ago when they had major flooding in BC. There is a major highway running north and south through the rugged mountains and the damage was severe. The highway follows the river running through the tight valley and the overflow took huge chunks of the highway and some of the bridges along with it.

I’ve travel this highway many times over the years and the scenery is amazing. Flying over the area gives a whole different perspective, one I’d never had until now.

This is an update video showing us how the highway has been repaired and traffic is flowing again. If you check out their channel there are lots of videos showing the original damage and subsequent efforts to get traffic moving again.It’s amazing the way they’ve managed to get it done so quickly. Many predicted it would be many years, construction in the mountains is no small feat.

The truckers are pretty happy to have it fully open, a least parts of it anyway since it is a major truck route. They did manage to have one half of the highway open to two way traffic fairly early on but two separate parts is so much better with the heavy traffic this route experiences.

Enjoy this update on the newly opened portion. Be sure to check out their other videos as well. They are an adventuresome bunch and they are entertaining to listen to. They live in the area so they are familiar with the good sights and can show us things we would never experience without them.

I’m still not sure what an atmospheric river is but I gather it’s a big storm that could bring flooding with it. Parts of the highway are about down at river height and flooding could be an issue with more damage. Fingers crossed.


No books today, sadly.

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