Bargain collection May 03, 2023

We have had the first two books, now we get the full five book collection. I’ve read book one.

Wild Harbor Beach Collection: Sweet Romance Book Series 

A charming and heartwarming clean romance book series!

This five-book series follows the lives and love stories of four siblings as they discover the meaning of family, finding home, and falling in love.

Love at Wild Harbor
One chocolate shop. Two fixer uppers. Three feisty sisters. One sweet love story to bring it all together! A second chance romance about a chocolate shop owner who falls for the guy who broke her heart years ago. Now he’s back to help her with her fixer upper and he’s not going to leave until she says yes. Will she let him back into her life…and her heart?

Summer Nights in Wild Harbor
A competitive newspaper journalist meets her handsome match: the guy she’s forced to team up with at work and not fall in love with. Will she get the promotion she desperately wants or will her heart give in to the man who’ll do anything for her? A heartwarming enemies-to-love story!

Christmas Wishes in Wild Harbor
She needs a date for Christmas. He doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone. They make an agreement to fool everyone in town with their fake relationship, only to discover their feelings are anything but pretend. The perfect Christmas book for those who like an idyllic small town Christmas love story!

The Inn at Wild Harbor
A beachside inn and her best friend’s brother. How could she resist either one? Aspen inherits an inn from a relative only to discover her best friend’s brother (and the guy she has a secret crush on) is the handyman there. Can she survive running the inn without her feelings getting in the way? Or will the secrets uncovered in the inn finally bring them together? A delightful friends-to-more romance story!

A Wedding in Wild Harbor
She needs someone to save her beloved bookstore. He needs to satisfy his mom’s wishes and find a girlfriend. Can this grumpy-sunshine pair survive an impossible agreement and pretend to be in love? Or will their budding relationship turn into something more? A delightful and surprising happily ever after!


That’s it for now.

Free and bargain books May 01, 2023

This may be a decent book day. It’s starting out well, anyway. Nothing too intense either, with authors I’ve not often read, just once or twice by the looks of it. BookBub suggested this first one.

Who Murdered Mr. Malone? : A Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series Book 1

Nothing exciting ever happens in the small town of Belhaven. Nothing that is, until a body was found in the woods behind the local elementary school.

With the entire town in an uproar, “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford makes it her personal mission to find the killer or killers and solve the mystery with some help from her friends.

With a little amateur detective work, Gloria is able to uncover enough clues that point right to the murderer. She’s about to discover, however, things aren’t always as clear cut as they would appear.


The second book showed up while browsing. Book 1 in this series showed up for us several years ago.

Summer Nights in Wild Harbor (Wild Harbor Beach Book 2)

They’re opposites in every way. Forced into sharing an office. Can this headstrong pair reconcile their differences and write their own happily ever after—on and off the page?

Journalist Megan Woods knows that fairy tales don’t come true. So when a handsome stranger shows up to rescue her from a blind date gone wrong, she figures there has to be a catch.

Turns out, he’s her newest competition at the newspaper. Megan thinks she has the editor-in-chief position sewn up, until the annoyingly good looking Finn Avery appears to steal her promotion.

As far as she’s concerned, their relationship is strictly business. But Finn is not anything like she expected. She just has to convince her heart not to fall for the enemy.

Finn Avery moved to Wild Harbor as the town’s newest reporter, only to find out he’s been paired with spitfire Megan Woods. His past holds secrets that have taught him not to take a chance on love.

Both fiercely competitive, they’re opposites in every way. But when they’re forced to team up for a story, the sparks fly.


One last one from a popular well known author this time.

Trail of Evidence: Faith in the Face of Crime (Capitol K-9 Unit Book 3) 


Why is a dead woman’s phone—evidence in a murder investigation—in Jonas Parker’s son’s bedroom? Dangerous thugs are after that phone and his terrified teenager, so the single father turns to Capitol K-9 Unit officer Brooke Clark. Years ago, Brooke broke Jonas’s heart without explanation. But he has to trust her and her highly-trained golden retriever to keep his son safe. When the boy goes missing, Jonas and Brooke must make peace with their past to find the teen—before increasingly desperate criminals get to him first. 

Capitol K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners.


OK, I’m done for today.

Free and bargain books December 12, 2022

We have an interesting line up today. Nothing too serious, I don’t think so anyway. No murders and dead bodies this time. A number of new authors for us too.

First up, BookBub has a Christmas offering for us. We’ve seen Dan Walsh often lately.

Keeping Christmas

For the first time since their children were born, empty nesters Judith and Stan Winters spent Thanksgiving alone, without the kids and grandkids. It’s looking like Christmas will be the same.

Judith can hardly bear the thought and struggles even to decorate the house. But soon some wonderful and totally unexpected events turn things completely around, starting with that box of “ugly ornaments” (as Stan calls them). Could they be the key to rescuing their Christmas this year?

A “beautifully written story” for the holiday season, or any time of the year.


LPC Free Books has a suggestion for us. Tis the season for Christmas stories. This is an author we have not seen so this will be a surprise.

The Ornament Keeper: A Novella

Award-winning author Eva Marie Everson wraps up a Christmas story of hope, love, and forgiveness just in time for the holidays. 

The Ornament Keeper, a contemporary Christmas novella, features Felicia and Jackson Morgan who are spending their first Christmas apart after twenty years of marriage. But a lifetime of gifted ornaments helps Felicia piece together the story of their marriage and the one mistake of unforgiveness she made before they said, “I do.”

Can these memory-filled ornaments reunite this family before Christmas? Only time will tell.


Browsing, I discovered an offering from an author new to me. It’s always nice to meet someone for the first time.

Promise Kept (Harland Creek Series Book 1)

Lying on her job application wasn’t the best way to kick off her fresh start in a small town, but Heather Smith is out of options. She desperately needs the job, or she will soon be without a place to live. Even so, Heather truly likes Elizabeth Harland, the old woman who hired her as her caregiver, and is eager to work hard and prove she’s right for the task.

Now, if she could just figure out why a local farmer keeps casting suspicious glares her way...

Sure, Grayson McCade has his hands full with his farm. That doesn’t change the fact that he considers the residents of Harland Creek family, and he takes time to look out for them all. The second he learns a newcomer has been hired to care for Elizabeth, he worries the kind-hearted old woman is being scammed.

Acting on what he believes to be the best of intentions, he sets out to uncover the truth about Heather’s past. Will the secrets revealed tarnish Heather’s new start before it even begins? Or will Grayson help make Harland Creek the home her heart longs for?


Another author new to us. Beautiful cover. I have high hopes for the story too.

Where the Last Rose Blooms (Heirloom Secrets)

“Tender and true, this novel draws you in from the first page.”–SUSAN MEISSNER, bestselling author of The Nature of Fragile Things

Alice runs a New Orleans flower shop alongside her aunt, but thoughts of her mother, who went missing during Hurricane Katrina, are never far from her mind. After getting off on the wrong foot with a handsome yet irritating man who comes to her shop, Alice soon realizes their worlds overlap–and the answers they both seek can be found in the same place.

In 1861 Charleston, Clara is known to be a rule follower–but the war has changed her. Unbeknownst to her father, who is heavily involved with the Confederacy, she is an abolitionist and is prepared to sacrifice everything for the cause. With assistance from a dashing Union spy, she attempts to help an enslaved woman reunite with her daughter. But things go very wrong when Clara agrees to aid the Northern cause by ferrying secret information about her father’s associates.

Faced with the unknown, both women will have to dig deep to let their courage bloom.


A good day for new an interesting stories.

I’m enjoying the fascinating characters in my current read. It’s historical fiction and I think the main characters will turn out to be spies for the good guys. Haven’t gone far enough yet to discover how that all works though. It’s still a bargain if you hurry.

Until Leaves Fall in Paris

As the Nazis march toward Paris in 1940, American ballerina Lucie Girard buys her favorite English-language bookstore to allow the Jewish owners to escape. Lucie struggles to run Green Leaf Books due to oppressive German laws and harsh conditions, but she finds a way to aid the resistance by passing secret messages between the pages of her books.

Widower Paul Aubrey wants nothing more than to return to the States with his little girl, but the US Army convinces him to keep his factory running and obtain military information from his German customers. As the war rages on, Paul offers his own resistance by sabotaging his product and hiding British airmen in his factory. After they meet in the bookstore, Paul and Lucie are drawn to each other, but she rejects him when she discovers he sells to the Germans. And for Paul to win her trust would mean betraying his mission.


It has been an excellent book day. I’d better get reading if I expect to keep up. Maybe have supper along with it. My favorite way to eat.

Happy Reading!

Bargain books October 31, 2022

Today may be a good book day. Lots of suggestion emails this morning. We will see if it works out or not. Maybe, hopefully.

This book wasn’t in one of the emails, instead it showed up in Amazon suggestion strips as I checked out email suggestions.

This is the next book in a series we’ve been following and I’m excited to see it.

Lethal Betrayal (Vanishing Ranch Book 5)

Emily Holcomb never thought working for a nonprofit would endanger her life. But when she’s abducted by ruthless men, it’s clear someone has an agenda they don’t want exposed. She manages to escape, only to find herself at the mercy of another man. But is he her oasis or a deadly mirage?

Former Mexican federal police commander Mateo Garcia wants to leave his painful past behind. Vanishing Ranch offers him a fresh start. When he stumbles upon a mysterious woman in dire need of help, he realizes something about the woman seems familiar. He’s certain of one thing—Emily didn’t end up at Vanishing Ranch by chance.

Even though Emily and Mateo don’t trust each other, they’re forced to work together. With danger closing in, the answers they need are buried deeper than the desert sand and clothed in betrayal. Can they discover the truth before their search becomes lethal?


I decided to take the time to check out more of Christy’s books since the other suggestions were not working out well for me. I’m sure they would be worth while to someone maybe, but not to me. And since I get to decide what to pick, since it’s my blog, well. . . you get the idea.

I did find more bargains on her site, books that I don’t already own, and I own quite a few. Let’s see, it looks like I’m up to 67 including today’s purchase. Christy is a writing machine. There are others that I don’t own, not yet anyway.

The next bargain I found is also next in another series I’ve recently started following. I’m up to book two and enjoying it. I’m not a big fan of cutesy, the thing the little dog on this cover would suggest. In this case the cover is very cute but the story is not, the lapdog plays a minor role.

Book four is next up for purchase.

This is a continued story so it is good to read them in order but not really necessary. Each book follows a different crime, their relationship status is the continuing story.

Bound by Trouble (Beach Bound Books and Beans Mysteries Book 4) 

With the grand opening of Beach Bound Books and Beans, Tali Robinson’s dreams are finally coming true. She hopes to now put the past behind her and start a new chapter. When a suspicious stranger mysteriously shows up at her celebration, her hopes disappear faster than a bestseller at a book signing.

Mac MacArthur is ready to solidify his relationship with Tali. But mending their differences is easier said than done. Then someone sets their sights on Tali—and wants to put her out of print . . . permanently.

With trouble brewing, Tali and Mac have no choice but to dive into the chaos of the past. However, as more answers are revealed, the danger increases. The truth will come at a great cost . . . one that will bind them together or drive them apart.


The first three.

There are several more bargains from other series but they will keep until the next post.

Happy Reading y’all.

Bargain book June 24, 2022

1531 Entertainment has a bargain suggestion that sounds like it will be a lot of fun. This is our first introduction to this author too.

Meet Me in the Margins

Savannah Cade’s dreams are coming true. The Claire Donovan, editor-in-chief of the most successful romance imprint in the country, has requested to see the manuscript Savannah’s been secretly writing while working as editor herself—except at her publishing house, the philosophy is only highbrow works are worth printing and commercial fiction, particularly romance, should be reserved for the lowest level of Dante’s inferno. But when Savannah drops her manuscript during a staff meeting and nearly exposes herself to the whole company—including William Pennington, new publisher and son of the romance-despising CEO herself—she races to hide her manuscript in the secret turret room of the old Victorian office.

When she returns, she’s dismayed to discover that someone has not only been in her hidden nook but has written notes in the margins—quite critical ones. But when Claire’s own reaction turns out to be nearly identical to the scribbled remarks, and worse, Claire announces that Savannah has six weeks to resubmit before she retires, Savannah finds herself forced to seek the help of the shadowy editor after all.

As their notes back and forth start to fill up the pages, however, Savannah finds him not just becoming pivotal to her work but her life. There’s no doubt about it. She’s falling for her mystery editor. If she only knew who he was.


That’s all we have for today but it looks interesting enough to make up for being the only one.

My current read is an engaging story and I do like it. My disappointment is in the writing style. I prefer show rather than tell and this author uses tell. I will keep on with it because I want to know what happens, not just how it ends.

Ben in Love: A Ben Mitchell/Titus Ray Thriller (Ben Mitchell/Titus Ray Thrillers)

I’m this far along in the story.

Ben’s love life is complicated . . .
Ben claims to be in love with Kamila Hanim, the daughter of an exiled Muslim cleric, who’s been accused of trying to overthrow the Turkish government. Titus doesn’t believe him. He thinks Ben is in love with Jennifer, another CIA operative. Can Ben’s feelings for Jennifer survive his deception?

Ben’s love life is confusing . . .
After Titus decides to put Ben under surveillance, he follows him to a compound in northern Virginia, where he discovers Ben is entangled in a duplicitous joint operation involving the FBI and an operative from Titus’s past. Will Titus be able to share his newfound faith with an old enemy?


It’s Friday. It’s hot, muggy, and thunder/lightening stormy. A good day for reading.

It was stormy and rainy earlier today with unfulfilled promises of more. Heavy duty noises are starting up in the heavens and looking at the swollen clouds much more is on the way.

At least I don’t have to water.

There is always a silver lining.

Happy reading this weekend y’all.

Read and enjoyed June 12, 2022

A follow-up on my last current read post: to my great delight – the best was saved for last in this collection.

Books 1 and 2 of the D. B. Burns Mysteries (books 5 and 6 in this collection) were a perfect blend of light-hearted and sad. There was mystery/suspense; vindictive neighbors and secret rooms. A whole team of good guys came together and they won in the end. It felt wonderful to have the power hungry tyrants exposed in the most dramatic of ways. (can’t say too much here and spoil the fun)

The smart people were definitely on the good side this time and it was an enjoyable ride.

The Courtship of Harry’s Wife by Jeanette-Marie Mirich

The Last Roses by Jeanette-Marie Mirich

If you appreciate irony and dry humor, you will love this too.

Current read June 10, 2022

Mixed emotions.

That’s what I have about this book collection, mixed emotions.

I like the stories, they are interesting with well developed characters. I guess my quibble is with story progression. Two things; excessive detail that doesn’t add-to or advance the story, and situations that feel contrived. It’s time for another tense moment, let me see – what could it be? The stories drag on too long and are mildly frustrating. Not enough to toss the book but enough to make me skip through multiple pages without really reading them.

Fortunately, I wanted to see how the stories ended and that kept me going.

I’m up to book 5 now. It’s a book that appeared in last years collection, I thought I’d read it but have no recall at all. Maybe I didn’t finish the collection after all.

Reading the first few pages I’m interested mainly because of the sense of humor. The characters are hilarious. So far anyway.

The Courtship of Harry’s Wife by Jeanette-Marie Mirich (D. B. Burns Mysteries #1)

Delilah Morgan planned to mourn in private after her husband Harry passed, but he had other ideas—leaving his wife in good hands & protected from the elite of their small Kentucky town. Harry has selected handsome local judge Lyle Henderson to court his widow.

The judge acquiesces to Harry’s wishes until Henderson’s life spins into a maelstrom after the discovery of bodies in his long absent wife’s car. The police & FBI suspect him of murdering his wife & her apparent lover. Determined to clear the judge of murder, Delilah resolves to hunt down the true story. But will the adventure cost them their lives? Or will it be a wild-goose chase toward love?


Check it out, this collection is still a bargain.

Free books June 09, 2022

BookBub has a FREE suggestion I am exited to see. It’s book 1 in a new Suspense series by Lisa Phillips, one of my favorite and prolific authors.

Point of Impact (Last Chance Downrange Book 1) 

“Lisa Phillips is the master of edge-of-your-seat action and suspense!” – USA Today best-selling, RITA winning author, Susan May Warren

An old haunt.
A deadly killer at work.

Fifteen years after a serial killer tormented them, Addie and Jacob are living very different lives.
As an FBI Profiler, Addie is on the edge of burnout. When she returns home, she has to face down every nightmare she’s ever had. Is the resurgence of a series of all too familiar deadly crimes the work of a former ally, or a mastermind who has been pulling her strings all along?

Recluse and artist Jacob likes his life. It’s how he’s managed to cope with who he became all those years ago. But he can’t avoid the past any longer. Not when Addie walks back into town, and right back into his life.

The past returns in a wave of unexplained crimes. Addie and Jacob find themselves at the heart of it all, at the place where their lives were torn apart.

This stand-alone story is part of the accountant’s office series, Last Chance Downrange.
An all-new setting. An all-new set of characters.


1531 Entertainment has a FREE cozy mystery suggestion. We have seen author Bruce Hammack a few times in the last year, books 1-3 in this series. The PI is blind, an interesting wrinkle in story dynamics.

Murder In The Dunes: A clean-read private investigator mystery (Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series Book 7) 

A detective’s perfect vacation: sun, sand, surf… and murder.

When blind PI Steve Smiley visits his friend and writing mentor, Kate Bridges, he anticipates an idyllic South Padre Island getaway. The island’s magic spell is broken when Kate is accosted by her abusive ex-husband. Two days later, his body is found in the dunes, and she becomes the prime suspect.

With the police in a hurry to close the case and Kate arrested for the murder, Steve sets out to find the real killer. His investigation leads him into the dangerous world of dirty cops and the Mexican cartel—a world where there are no rules.

In a last ditch effort to prove Kate’s innocence, Steve lays a trap for the murderer. Can he outwit the devious opponent, or will the next blood spilled in the sand be his?

Smiley and McBlythe are on the case. He’s a blind former police detective with a special gift for solving homicides and she’s a straight-to-the-point Boston debutante turned detective.


A good day for books, yes it is.

Happy Reading!

Free and bargain books February 24, 2022

BookBub has a FREE suggestion for us.

Missing on Main Street: Small Town Christian Suspense (Honey Pot Mysteries Book 1)

Small towns aren’t always as safe as they seem.

One missing teen sends three homeschool moms on a thrilling search.

Lydia, Kat, and Flora put lesson plans aside as they hunt for Ivy Hooper. Little do they know they’re not the only ones looking for her. With a less than picture-perfect past, Ivy’s trail leads them to shocking revelations and an even more surprising resolution.

Will a trio of stay-at-home moms be able to thwart the dark side of their small town? Can they rescue Ivy before her pursuers find her?

Launch into book one of this binge-worthy Christian Mystery series that builds your faith as it gets your heart racing.

Pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and get ready to stay up late with the moms of Honey Pot.


Found in the suggestion strip.

Alaskan Refuge Christian Suspense Box Set (Books 1-3)

Deep in the heart of Alaska, there’s more to fear than just the cold …

Real faith meets real suspense in these 3 thrilling novels you can’t put down!

Find out why Christian fiction readers are
 racing headfirst into the depths of rural Alaska, where unforgettable characters face unimaginable dangers. These believers will risk everything to save the ones they love:

A woman hiding from the fatal mistakes of her past. A sister rescuing her autistic little brother from the clutches of danger. A mother confronting the demons in her past to rescue her kidnapped daughter.

If you like 
determined characters, faith-based suspense, and heart-stopping action, then you’ll love these riveting novels from bestselling Christian novelist Alana Terry.


Another in the suggestion strip.

Murder in Half Moon Bay: A Jillian Bradley Mystery Book 1: (Jillian Bradley Christian Cozy with Suspense Mysteries Series Book 1)

All Jillian Bradley wants is to spend a quiet weekend by the ocean and enjoy her afternoon tea. But a startling discovery draws Jillian and her garden club friends into solving a mystery that threatens her life and changes her future.

‘Murder in Half Moon Bay,’ Book 1 in The Jillian Bradley Mystery Series, introduces Jillian’s little companion ‘Teddy,’ a Yorkie who falls prey to danger but rises to become a sleuth dog in the next book


We are back to mysteries.


Happy Reading!

Free and bargain books February 23, 2022

1531 Entertainment has a suggestion, I’ve not read this author and there is no sample. We are going into this one blind.

Me, You, Us: (A gripping story about a marriage facing the painful unexpected.) 

Melissa and her husband of 20 years are ready for the next phase in their lives: the empty nest. Despite life having worn down their marriage over the years, they are looking forward to a time when it’s just them again. A life where they can try to rebuild what they once had.

When Melissa finds out she’s pregnant with their third child, their whole lives unravel. A pregnancy fifteen years after his vasectomy leaves Christopher doubting her faithfulness. Their teenage kids take sides, and soon the family finds themselves in the grips of unfair accusations and anger that tears them apart.

Will the impossible choices and unexpected heartaches help Melissa and Christopher fight for each other, or will they give up on what they once had?


If you enjoy cozy mysteries BookBub has a collection for us.

Garden Girls Cozy Mystery Series: Box Set I (Books 1-3) (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set series Book 1)

BOOK 1: Who Murdered Mr. Malone?

Nothing exciting ever happens in the small town of Belhaven. Nothing that is, until a body was found in the woods behind the local elementary school.

With the entire town in an uproar, “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford makes it her personal mission to find the killer or killers and solve the mystery with some help from her friends.

With a little amateur detective work, Gloria is able to uncover enough clues that point right to the murderer. She’s about to discover, however, things aren’t always as clear cut as they would appear.

BOOK 2: Grandkids Gone Wild “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford, has her hands full. Her mischievous and energetic grandsons are coming for a weekend visit. To top things off, she discovers someone is living in her barn. But who and why?

As this amateur sleuth investigates what’s going on in her own backyard, another murder victim turns up in their sleepy little town.

Hot on the trail of a murderer, trying her best to make sure her grandkids don’t end up in the ER and facing a budding romance, Gloria and her small town of Belhaven are once again about to be turned upside down.

BOOK 3: Smoky Mountain Mystery

Life is good for “Garden Girl” Gloria Rutherford. Spring has finally sprung, love is in the air, and no dead bodies have turned up in the small town of Belhaven…lately. It seems as if it’s almost too good to be true.

Just as Gloria starts to get settled into her familiar routine, she receives a mysterious message from her older sister, Liz. Certain that her sister, the drama queen, is once again bent on turning Gloria’s life upside down for no good reason, she almost chooses to ignore the dire message that she may be in danger.


BookRunes has a Free suggestion

Honey Creek Homecoming (Honey Creek Romance Book 1)

Honey Creek is the one place on earth Olivia Swanson never wants to see again. When her step-grandmother sends for her, Olivia returns with a plan. To marry the town’s wealthiest bachelor, Payton Vance. But things go quickly awry for the self-absorbed, arrogant, and angry woman.

Secrets in her past, the devotion of a woman longing to be her grandmother, a destitute family, and Rusty Baker, the guy she humiliated in high school all push Olivia into an emotional battle only a Savior could help her win.

Over a short amount of time, Olivia learns she can’t make it alone no matter how independent, ambitious, and stubborn she is. Something spiritual is at play here. Her return to Honey Creek was no random happening. God has chosen this particular time and place to give Olivia a choice. Either trust Him or lose everything.


Happy Reading y’all