Current read June 10, 2022

Mixed emotions.

That’s what I have about this book collection, mixed emotions.

I like the stories, they are interesting with well developed characters. I guess my quibble is with story progression. Two things; excessive detail that doesn’t add-to or advance the story, and situations that feel contrived. It’s time for another tense moment, let me see – what could it be? The stories drag on too long and are mildly frustrating. Not enough to toss the book but enough to make me skip through multiple pages without really reading them.

Fortunately, I wanted to see how the stories ended and that kept me going.

I’m up to book 5 now. It’s a book that appeared in last years collection, I thought I’d read it but have no recall at all. Maybe I didn’t finish the collection after all.

Reading the first few pages I’m interested mainly because of the sense of humor. The characters are hilarious. So far anyway.

The Courtship of Harry’s Wife by Jeanette-Marie Mirich (D. B. Burns Mysteries #1)

Delilah Morgan planned to mourn in private after her husband Harry passed, but he had other ideas—leaving his wife in good hands & protected from the elite of their small Kentucky town. Harry has selected handsome local judge Lyle Henderson to court his widow.

The judge acquiesces to Harry’s wishes until Henderson’s life spins into a maelstrom after the discovery of bodies in his long absent wife’s car. The police & FBI suspect him of murdering his wife & her apparent lover. Determined to clear the judge of murder, Delilah resolves to hunt down the true story. But will the adventure cost them their lives? Or will it be a wild-goose chase toward love?


Check it out, this collection is still a bargain.

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