A little this and that September 25, 2022

This has been a slow book day and we only have one suggestion, and it’s free. Several years ago this was on my read and enjoyed list. A good book.

Bitter Autumn: Clean Romance Mystery (Northern Shore Intrigue)

“an edge of your seat-do not expect to put it down adventure!”

When Grey returns to his small Wisconsin hometown on the shore of Lake Superior to care for his beloved great-aunt, he’s determined to seek forgiveness for his past. But as he falls into an unlikely romance, danger looms on the horizon…

But one truth many don’t realize until it’s too late—vengeance can be dangerous. A suspenseful love story of redemption and second chances from a Carol Award–winning author, you don’t want to miss.


My new read is one of our recent downloads. I’m quite enjoying the experience. Sometimes there is a sameness in stories that leave you feeling like you’ve read it before. That is missing this time. The story feels fresh to me in so many ways

Western Hearts: A Sweet Cowboy Romance (Cowboys of Aspen Valley Book 1)

Two promises.
Two tests of faith and love.

Kip made a promise to his dying brother, but cowboy life didn’t prepare him to run a ranch, deal with a rebellious kid sister, and raise twin boys.

Upon first meeting, Kip mistakes Nicole for the new housekeeper hired so his kid sister can avoid her work, then he realizes her true purpose is taking the boys away.

Nicole has a will from her sister – the boys’ mother – giving custody of the twins to her father. Not willing to tear the kids away from everything familiar, she agrees to stay for a getting-to-know-you period.

But the boys aren’t the only ones she’s getting to know, and Nicole finds herself falling for the ruggedly handsome cowboy.

Can something beautiful grow between them or will cross-purposes kill what could be before it truly begins?


What do you know. I didn’t expect to talk about books today and look what happened anyway. Probably because my nose has been in a book more today than it has in weeks and that’s where my thoughts are.

Winter is coming soon and I was out pruning one of the smaller trees. It was overtaking the flower bed and was it a heavy job, at least it was for me. Now I’m relaxing with a book giving my muscles a chance to recover, I’m feeling very pleased to have that chore done, we could have snow in another four weeks and it would be too late.

Thinking back, it seems like the leaves were already falling by this time last year. We have had so much rain this summer that the grass is still green and the trees are not letting go of their leaves. When they do come down there will be a massive pile. Although, the tree pruned today lost all it’s branches including leaves so that will be one small pile that won’t need to be raked.

It was a sunny, warm day to be out in the yard and it was a mood lifter.

I have to specify it was sunny and warm because around here it can very easily be sunny and cold. There could be another warm day yet this year but we can’t count on it. Make the most of what you have sounds like a good idea to me. Not that I always do but at least my intentions are good.

Have a good week.

Happy Reading!

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